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Follow my progress as I dive head first into investing, while trying not to lose it all!!

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Please note I am not a market professional. I am not responsible for any trading losses that may be experienced by following my wayward lead, in fact I recommend you don’t follow my lead. 🙂 Have fun and happy trading.


Johnny Banana says:

What about buying buy-and-hold stocks pre earnings? If it dips you can just buy more for cheap.

John Doe says:

better to do define risk(set lost and credit taken in) options on earnings

yungdrseuss says:

Bought 30 shares of BA @ 210 saw a nice bump today just wish I had 60 shares

SoBadMakeMeSad says:

I would love to see a new video explaining the Ford earnings drop and what your next move is with the stock!

Alumnus Rey Beats says:

I put all my robinhood money in AMD yesterday at 14.00 and sold after hours for 15.30

Made a $1500 profit…never doing this again…it was scary. Lol

NOVA3player1 says:

Where is the giveaway

Mari G says:

Got some Ford during the call when it went below 11. Hoping for a bump after call….bummer! But glad I can hold it and wait it out!

The God Emperor says:

since you like to try BIOS, I suggest looking at DVAX. Think I mentioned it before,but I really do think it' got a good future inc. Same with AKAO (to at least swing toward 24-25)

As for ER, I prefer to buy the hype, sell before ER. That almost always guarantees some gains. I might miss out the times it spikes cause of ER, but FOMO is for chumps 😛 and as a man said

"I made a lot of money by selling too soon"

Pug Pop says:

I made an awesome day trade after AMD earning report before it dropped the next day.

Pug Pop says:

How did you find where the earnings reports are listed? My Robinhood account looks different than yours?

Brandon Reser says:

Can you make a vid about cheap stocks to swing trade?

Manny Chinchilla says:

F is down really low I'm thinking of buying will it go up soon or not útil holiday season?

Josh Adkins says:

I had some shares in AMD before it jumped, I think it might buy a few more!

Cooper Hoang says:

Buying/Selling stock that hold less than a year pay premium on taxes. Holding a stable company that make predictable and stable dividend and EPS you will end up making more money 10 years later. Don't trade on emotion. Make sure you run your numbers first so you don't pay $100 dollars for a stock that worth only $50. Don't overpay and learn how Warren Buffett invest. PEACE !

Silver Jaguar says:

Jetblu just killed earnings and is tanking today

IamJpo says:

As a long term (F) investor I created my RobinHood account to day/swing trade the F fluctuations. I bought as much as I could of F this morning on the dip in RobinHood as well as adding to my IRA while F was below the 11 mark. Very very happy that its working out as planned I just wish I had more funds available within Robinhood so I could have made more on thedip.

Pocket Miner says:

I had AMD, and my earnings are up about $1.60!

Kevin Calabrese says:

bought McDonalds a few days ago and it was a good earnings!

all things silver and gold says:

Dude what's up with ford man great earnings reports but dropping can you explain

Zachary says:

I got in AMD on after hours dip yesterday. Still holding from 13.99?

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