Making +99 Pips In 5 Minutes Trading Gold

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Akram Hussain says:

Can u make some videos on scalping for beginners

Sau Tafao says:

Bro do you do signals or do you have any services we can purchase?

Aiozard says:

Hello. What do you mean by break even?
If its buy limit after its triggered. Do you move the sl to the same line as the Buy line when the indicator reaches the half of the TP?

Yes Me Plz says:

How to install Obv divergent

Maneesh Negi says:

Hy Justin really appreciate your doing…. brother I am from India as if just started can you please make a vedio to educate us how we can use some app to practice trading and also how to learn correct strategy .
It would really help us in here it's not so popular (trading) but I would love to develop a skill which will pay me back ..all the best for the upcoming work god bless😇

Nhk Log says:

What gold spiking up Uj faliing down ? 😀

Robert Bishop says:

So I've watched all your videos and I still don't know your strategy? I get you trade div on OBV Vs price, but is your entry rules only when you see a kangaroo tail after the div, does the div need to have a Kang tail plus be hitting supportresistance etc. What are your exact entry rules? Thanks.

MR. UPDATE says:

How much capital you are using

Big Burga says:

All your videos are extremely helpful. Thanks.

Afk Adf says:

I really love you work , but could you tell something more about your strategy .

maximilliaan 04 says:

I am stupid i did not whats the spread with gold it was 238 spread

John Gicharu says:

Hi, I'm really loving your content, quick question though which indicator are you using to show you the number of pips the trade has made? Or is it an EA? The one on the charts in green

glory offia says:

How much for the vip telegram subscription?

JM says:

He has been trading for years now and he still gets nervous. I think that's how I'm gonna be in my future trading career. Or maybe, I'm shaking every time I'm on gold. Ha ha ha.

Armando Arias says:

Generated lots of pips trading Gold this week! Great trade

Scott Weight says:

hey justin how or where can I get hold of the pip counter you have in top right of the chart great videos keep up the great content. thanks

Carl Edwards says:

Lol makes a change from going in the opposite direction after 2 minutes I missed that report. Better to report win lose or draw results instead of the ocaassional win. Even a stopped clock…

Jason Owen says:

Justin, have you a link to join your VIP room/community?

Dynamite FX Trading & Consultancy says:

loving your trading style. which timeframe do you use for divergence and which timeframe do you use for entry?

Ibukun Odukoya says:

Do you make use of indicators? i can see somethings dotted in red on your chart

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