Making Over $1,000 Day Trading Penny Stocks With A Small Account | Day Trading 101

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Papa Giorgio says:

great play mike

Todd Mccollister says:

How in the world are you exiting and entering these stocks with such accuracy, you come so close to the tops and bottoms, it’s amazing! Can that be taught or does it take thousands of hours watching level2 or something else?

tigeroll says:

Did you trade 4/19/2018 Thursday? Results?

Mike Dee says:

BS. Suretrader put this stock on a 1:1 margin

Todd Smolik says:

How did you buy 4000shares . When your account opened at 3000$ ? Yeah whatever

kreteman777 says:

So everyone here believes this guy? Lololol

Todd Mccollister says:

I am truly amazed ….have you ever put together a video of you journey as a trader….I would love to hear about it!!

R1tch4rd says:

Had the same EXACT plan and I got screwed by ST, going to need that market order out for next time.

Trade for Freedom says:

Nice hit ! i got in at 3.74 ( when i saw it was about to get halted) and when i saw it will not break 4 i got out and made only 8 cents – .– . Thumbs up !

Eddie Murphy says:

Im so tempted to open a suretrader acct and use it to gain some profits to join ur membership program…. Just not 100% confident i can do it… more like 80%ish…. Thoughts?

samuel george says:

Awesome win

- GDF - says:

Mike, SureTrader is a scam that’s why you can’t get out of positions sometimes. They don’t want you to. I had enough of them that’s why i moved to CME group and it’s night and day.

Colin says:

DCAR was well over extended at pre market

Colin says:

How did you pick up IZEA? I didn’t get this on my scanner

Ryan Han says:

Your high skills definitely overcome all the difficulties in Suretrader. Awesome !! It gives good encouragements to many people. Most inexperienced traders would not survive in Suretrader where they can still make marginal money in other brokers.

Devante Starks says:

Same thing happened to me.. should have made at least $160, but ended up with a $268 loss

Victor Lopez says:

Thank you for supporting us…bad day for some teammates. That's the difference between a pro and new trader.

richard perry says:

damn, 3 times a no-go…

Vapor King says:

Dude awesome videos insane gain I just subbed can’t wait to keep watching.

Zachary Becka says:

had same problem selling. took a loss because of it, my entry was shite tho.

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