Managing Wide Butterfly Options Strategies

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Tom Sosnoff and Tony Battista always say to manage your winning trades. Today they look at wide winged butterfly options strategies and find out when the optimal time to take off winning trades in order to maximize return on capital.

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Dispatch Express says:

What's the best strategy for weeklies, iron condors or butterflies?
Thank you

Richard Weaver says:

Hey, Tom and Tony
I can not tell you how much I have learned about trading by watching your shows. Not being a professional trader and understanding everything as much as you two do, can you would you please show and example of what each type of trade would look like? For instance a Skewed I.C.,  Big Dawg Butterfly, Broken Wing Butterfly, etc., etc. It is really great to have you explain the mechanics of the trade, but please give and example of how to setup that trade. Sometimes the process just goes over my/our head, but when an example is given for that type of trade it just makes things so much easier to figure out what you are talking about????? 
Richard Weaver

Adam das says:

Question, What IV Rank did you place AAPL trades?

Frank L says:

What is a wide or Big Dawg Butterfly?  How wide?

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