Mannarino’s BIG RANT: Why Today’s Pan Market, Pan Asset, Sell Off Will Push Stocks Higher!

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Jose Beltre says:

How is the sell off good for the market ???

Toni Kemppainen says:


Adrian M-S says:

Priceless Greg….

Met Dat says:

Tony Soprano?!!

Gary Napoli says:

Haha, "the stock market can go down!?"

Jeremy Brown says:

Hey everybody it’s me….Gregory Mannarino ???

Timber Tramp says:

I was unsubscribed from the channel again Greg…you must be over target! It’s criminal what these true fascists are doing to good channels. I pray the end is near!

Indian Outlaw says:

Arguably your best video ever.

Barry Young says:

The thing is. Its a totally manipulated rigged game. There are people who control this. People like Paulson. Hidden in the woodwork. Why did they let Lehman fail? It will do whatever it will do to get our money. If we bet on a fall it will keep going up. If we bet on it going up it will fall. It will take maximum profits from the punters according to its own algorithms. So in that way we determine the market but in the exact opposite to the way we think. We cannot win. Its a casino where not only do they have house advantage they can also see yours and everyone else's cards. Blackrock is one of the most powerful corporations on earth yet few have heard about them. They control the so called markets until we really do have a collapse. 2008 only happened once the banks like Goldmans positioned themselves to capitalise on it. Don't you think they are 5 steps ahead now they are even more powerful ?
Knowing that ask yourself is it going to collapse again?
You bet.
But ask yourself 2 questions.
1. Who will benefit. …probably Goldman again.
2. Who will be made to fail?
Deutsche Bank or even a country like Switzerland. No joke. Swiss central bank own ridiculous amounts of US stocks. If they tank Switzerland will lose a colossal amount of money maybe even bankruptcy.
Once something like that happens it might well be game over for the West and China will step in.
And we all know China loves gold.

parker carbad says:

Never mind 1.5% dow,gold is swinging up and down like a seesaw,i have watched in real time comex dumps twice recently,but long term,gold is a great investment.greg barrick gold is huge check that out company if you get time mines are shut further restricting supply,it may be important.

Thomas Torkeyan says:

Am I the only one who things Greg's videos should be just as long as Peter Schiff's videos? Greg, clearly people love you. We need you for a minimum of 40 minutes/day.

Sativa Blues says:

Max Keyzer said it too, John Doe is getting into stocks… which is a sign for nearing crash btw

roninreturns says:

The stock market and the cryptos seem to still be vastly overvalued, and PMs equally suppressed during the same period. There is a lot of money being made in stocks and cryptos, and I'm glad for those that got in and out at the right place. Over the long haul, I still think what little I have to invest will be safest in silver.

moonunit says:

hasn't even touched 50 day ema, still ok.

Scott Chappell says:

boom nailed it

regionfree1 says:

I do not see a crash coming until election time i could be wrong i respect greg

Joe Blogs says:

Mannarino reminded me of this football coach for some strange reason. STRONG LANGUAGE WARNING.

Joseph Stevens says:

XRP for the win…

james williams says:

Greg. One word-BOURBON.

King Cesar says:

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