MarcFaber — 19 Sept 2017 — Get ready for a massive stock market decline

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Ivan Poljasevic says:

I agree with Marc Faber, but it reminds me of Robin William's talking about Donald Rumsfeld saying 'I don't know where, I don't know when but something terrible is going to happen.' LMAO

Marc Thomas says:

Faber is Genius!

alex y. says:

Basically he is calling for socialism do universal basic income translation communism say goodbye to capitalism.

Julie Carveth says:

Universal basic income would b terrible. Socialism. Absolutely not. I do t believe this moon head

James Lovering says:

Same old BS

Randal Davis says:

the hurricanes are just noise compared to the dumb fiscal policies

pub says:

Delusional saying the same bullshit year after year for the last decade. Faber is the true definition of insanity and a nutcase.

mischa1880 says:

Why are these people always yelling???
They sound even stupider than they are.

Lightning77305 says:

Faber starts @ 1:42

In God I Trust says:

Good cop, Bad cop, classic!

Gatling Dragon says:

People still try to predict the future baffles me. Same bullshit over and over.

Ed Emel says:

Right now the speculators are driving the price of crude oil up and this alone will crash the markets!

GB Trader says:

Gold digger…

Panzer Totenkopf says:

"Rah rah the market is going up because it's gone up a lot" said the two stooges at the end

Infinity 737 says:

It's all rigged !Give me free money like the Federal Reserve gives the banks !!!!!

Natural Man says:

Screw the government rigged stock markets.

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