Market Crash From China's Yuan Devaluation? | Stock Market Crash

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In this video, AK is going to talk about China’s Yuan Devaluation. Is China’s Yuan Causing The Market Crash?

Is a market crash coming?

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AK Fallible - Financial Entertainment says:

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jesusf says:

Ak Monday's! 😎

hundred cs says:

Chinese are smart and they know what they are doing. Trump should stop manipulating the market through tweets.

Chefs Circle says:

If China continues to devalue, they will be importing inflation (China is also a major importer).

Inflation is already put of control in China. Imagine if that gets worse 🙁

Athanasios Bonoris says:

No one like AK

Joerg Mueller says:

Cliff Asness must be having the time of his life….

Joerg Mueller says:

Maybe a video on Argentina as THE example of failed policies in the face of a potentially enormously rich country? What a sad story for so long now.

David Chorak says:

Something happened on the way out of Argentina. Things are getting shaky. Based on shaky currency no doubt. 50% nose dive in stick in a day. 1 day. I wonder if the stop losses kicked in. Recently I’ve been hammering Argentina stock salesman with nasty rebukes. They threw hissy fits. The weakest link breaks the chain. Someday shorting is gonna be Soup de jure.

goodfella21f says:

Ur a tease. Market be back up on Tues or Wednesday.

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