Market Drops Off a Cliff – Crypto Sad Hour

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Support the stream: The crypto markets are collectively down nearly $40 Billion in the past 24 hours, with Bitcoin leading a mass market sell off. Let’s hang out for another episode of Crypto Happy Hour, or in this case, Crypto Sad Hour, to talk about what’s going on and answer your Q&A.

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moparmon says:


TJ K says:

Bitcoin shitcoin, biggest bubble in history playing out, a slow and steady bleed till the blood runs out and death is inevitable

KneeBenderservant says:

Very original, “sad hour”part 41

Kripto Info says:

Thanks for vid +

Оля Нагородна says:

I like you're videos very different from these youtubers ,keep up the good work

Crypto Bulldog says:

Why don't you like to mention Gincoin? It is a coin doing great on down days, is up to top 350. I am 99% certain its the coin you own on cryptobridge. Why not do a video on it, are you worried it will dive oneday and make you look bad?

John Guts says:

Listen up if you haven't looked at ORI yet then I'm doing you a favor. Protocol for creating marketplaces with a working product and established customers already. <1 million marketcap and nobody knows about it yet. Why hope something that has hundred of millions in marketcap becomes the next ETH when you can go 100x on an unknown gem. Even trashcan coins have 10x this marketcap for no reason. Get this on IDEX before more people find out about it.

David Goldsmith says:

WHY the big Drop off. Sellers in Asia? Can you see Big Volume changes

David Goldsmith says:

comment on EOS. Buy/sell. Do yoiu get the AIR deals if you buy EOS now?

michael bonacci says:

The market cycles and manipulation buy whales always in the picture. However, if you hold and look for tokens or ICO's like propy or fr8network or invest in companies like Muirfield investment partners and IBM for real world usage you shall be fine long term.

Elijah Whitehead says:

It’s really simple as to why the market is going down Wall Street wants to get involved, and they want to buy from much lower prices. Wall Street doesn’t make money by propping up assets for retail investors like us. They make money by taking money from retail investors.

So my advice is to trade the market both long and short or just hodl. But trust me when I tell the real bull is coming and that’s Wall Street don’t let anyone tell you differently.

DCUPtoejuice says:

Since the market is people making decisions and many of those people rely on TA, TA becomes relevant regardless of its ability to predict the market because it is predicting itself.

DCUPtoejuice says:

This is just a transfer of wealth from people without balls to people with brass balls.

Jacob Broughton says:

Great video man. I think everyone just needs to keep a broader perspective on the market instead of thinking even in weekly terms. These dips are nothing in the big picture. Hey, curious, would you be into doing ICO reviews ever? Would love to hear your take on a couple projects like Muirfield IP and Fr8 Network, really interesting looking from what I've seen

gainpower7 says:

sell shitcoins,buy bitcoins btc

Daniel Erazo says:

EOS can keep going down it's called an accumulation phase.

Dizmus _ says:

Market is actually looking very fundamentally strong TBH….

Michael Thomas says:

Shit market. Been down for 6 straight months!

Bob Best says:

the natural value of all cryptocurrencies is 3 tulips.

80sruler says:

Haha crypto sad 😢 hour

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