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Brannigan starts this market profile trading session showing how when markets are volatile, it is necessary to get a longer-term, larger time-frame picture up to begin your process of developing day trading strategies.

In the first case of the gold market, we see on the weekly volume profile that the market opened within value and left a hollow cave area from the previous week’s activity, suggesting potential to be revisited. This bullish scenario, couples with a market still in balance and near the prior week’s lows offers a trade strategy of buy a false break and trading the bounce back up. Further, another technical strategy that has worked in gold and oil during this time are areas of support and resistance offering polarity. In this case the gold marketed reacted around the 1333 area, which coincided with previous week’s low.

In the oil market Brannigan notes activity and weakness coming in during the Asian sessions, and that similarly to gold, we again see polarity in support and resistance. When markets approach these levels they become tricky to trade because in order to break, the market needs to establish “acceptance”.

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