Market sell off, homebuyer tax credit, inflation & rents

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karsailz says:

I think Peter speaks nothing but truth, too bad nobody wants to hear the truth.

enemyartistkristofeR says:

First – I didn't ask your opinion dumb aussie – so keep it outback where it belings! I am NOT ONLY blaming Obama – I did also mention BIG Government, plus Obama is driving the boat now (or is at least the front man) so yes, he does get the blame – when Bush was in office, he got the blame, he is gone Obama is in, thats the way it works – jerk! I know who the real criminal is, the not-so-federal federal reserve! I am in groups doing all we can to spread the truth about all these criminals!

metalschooldrill says:

When inflation doubles in a few years that 9K will only be worth 4.5K, and your rent will go up and overhead costs too.

metalschooldrill says:

Schiff says that the economic breakdown started back in 2000, I say late 1999. America is as phony as yourself putting it all on the fallguy, Obama.

SvrchovaneCechy says:

If you invest every year your 9k expecting 20% yield compounding within next 5 years, you will have roughly 80k for further investment. Go BHP or RIO. That will give ya conservative hedge, yield and dividends in the unstable environment.

fox20012 says:

In Shit hole Australia

I earn 50k
-18.5k rent
-13k tax
-10k expenses for 2 children n stuff

savings 9k per year

Justprayfirst says:

Here are upsides to a weaker dollar.The US benefits from a reduction in the international role of the dollar. Unless the United States quickly achieves&maintains a sustainable econ position, its ability to pursue autonomous economic and foreign policies will become increasingly compromised.A falling dollar is thus a mechanism whereby excessive US borrowing from abroad can be rolled back., it would help to meet a stated goal of world leaders in recent G-20 meetings.

Justprayfirst says:

Beyond this indirect gain, the most direct effect of a weakened dollar would be to hike the cost of goods imported into the United States and make American goods appear cheaper to the rest of the world. This, over time, would likely ease the pressures for trade protectionism that have increasingly strained U.S. relations with countries like China, Canada, Mexico, and the members of the European Union.

enemyartistkristofeR says:

Peter is exactly right, you should see the amount of Apartment buildings that are being built in the Los Angeles area. They are sprouting up like weeds, but at the same time so are For Rent signs. They are all over the place. And people keep losing their jobs, moving away, etc, so there are going to be an insanely excessive amount of unoccupied apartments and homes all over the place, and thats just in LA. And things are only going to get worse. Wow, thanks Obama & BIG Government!

REDEMPTIONthreadz says:

No stock market crash in 2009? ….Are you SURE about that?

obamaareyoukiddingme says:

They will keep propping it up, for as long as they can.
Hoping to pass some of these ridiculous schemes that we can not afford.
I worked hard, like you, now this foolish policiting, pseudo takeover of America is going to take my money?
I do not want to pay for others, houses, healthcare, food, cars, internet, get a job,
Stop voting like an asshole.

TylerNull says:

Mr. Sunshine gives good economic analysis, but that hasn't much to do with politics or the political office he seeks, sadly.

The nation's governments have morphed into nested labyrinths of criminal enterprises at the federal, state, county & local levels and across all branches, and the Fourth Estate too.

VIDEO: "CNN: The Politics of Planting"

They no longer need citizens, and the peasantry has no problem with their new role as hapless subjects at the receiving end of ever more "free" stuff.

Dkouts57 says:

you want the answer???

its more ass fucked / fucked

FreeAgain2 says:

Clearly the Gov has printed a few Trillion USD –
BUT – over the last 24 months stock holders lost about 15 Trillion USD; homeowners lost equity of about 20Trillion USD.

So my question is . . . Does the USA have MORE currency/wealth over the last 24 months or LESS currency/wealth? And what does that mean to Real Inflation (cost of bread and butter)?

naggold says:

The brilliant economist Peter Bernholz at the Univ of Basel, Switzerland, said hyperinflation occurs when the govt deficit exceeds 40% of its expenditures. Guess what, the U.S. hit the 40% mark in 2009. Just a few years ago th Swiss Frank was worth only 70 cents, now its virtually at parity with the US Dollar. Defend yourself, buy Gold, don't rent houses.

cheezenug says:

His explanation on rent cost is spot on, at least to me. I lost my job in the automotive industry. I saw this coming and I was renting a house for $700 a month. I'm 25 and moved back in with my parents and now the house is for rent for less than I was paying to get someone back in there. And this isn't even the cheapest price in town, I just didn't want a dump. Yes the rents ARE going down in town as more ppl lose their jobs in town. THIS IS REALITY! Thanks Peter.

samm stein says:

global currency!!! this is how they're going to do it. with a financial "crysis"

elitebanktyranny says:


and the government can never destroy the free market completely… it will go underground to survive if it has to

a good example of that is the black market

Dadge42 says:

Guess what, people… we're fucked.

tf8252 says:

Fix your camera Peter. Rule of thirds.

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