Market sell-off is an opportunity to rotate into proper sectors: Investing pro

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CNBC’s Kelly Evans discusses the markets and stock picks with Jeff Kilburg of KKM Financial.

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mrpmj00 says:

Buy on the dip! I bought the most in Facebook then Google, then Twitter, and Verizon and AT&T.
the stock market goes up in the long term because it takes 2 steps forward for every 1 step backward.

Ted C says:

This LOSER is a Flippin' Idiot … He says, "Yes, I think this IS a buying opportunity…" Well…, I'm sure you do, Clown Boy…with other people's money, right?
This is EXACTLY why I NEVER watch CNBC. A bunch of Low-Rent Cheerleading Morons.
Sorry, for being so negative …. but it's the Truth… just sayin'

Ryan Montgomery says:

Stay home, stay safe, and workout with me! Let's get in shape together!

Ryan Montgomery says:

A buying opportunity… Now I just need the money to do it.

I guess I will just stay home and workout. Workout with us!

Rudy Sanchez says:

How is this guy a pro? This guy is an idiot

David Matine says:

Get him a sound engineer

A. Ali says:

Yup … i have rotated to proper 5 company sector …. thx wall st guy …. you so clever … technical and fundamental and all them big boy words ….

Kenneth b says:

My beta, utility, capital and liquidity have pulled out of this sinking ship.

Fat Rat says:

No matter what happens, they always try to get you believe there is an opportunity in the market.

Ravencroft says:

"it's really important to rely upon the technicals" with the disconnect between wall street and mainstreet, I'm going to interpret that as sarcasm or a joke.

Willie white says:

All of this is false. The Dow will plunge below 17,000. The entire country must be shut down until January 2021.

RealBlueSteel says:

What he should really be saying is rotate into gold until after Biden gets elected and the market tanks 20%.

Crash 2020 says:

what confidence in the market?

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