Market sell-off isn’t a panic, it’s more of a rotation, strategist says

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Mike Labella, head of global equity strategy for QS Investors, and Karyn Cavanaugh, senior market strategist at Voya Investment Management, discuss what is driving this market sell-off and if they expect the downturn to last.


Mike Parry says:

It's bullshit reverting to the mean.

Marek Kolenda says:

10 year bond yields interest should be not less then GDP growth last was 4% .Economy is full employment so don't worry about Fed's interest rates

James says:

Rotation? He rotating something in the back of his throat.

Cali_Life Style3 says:

Do the opposite of what they say! If they say buy the dip don’t buy. We are due for a massive sell off and massive dip! Don’t be a idiot and give your hard earned money to the rich!

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