Market sell-off may be early year 'flushing things out,' says pro

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Markets see a steep sell-off, erasing all of the year’s gain as fears of the coronavirus strikes. Jim Iuorio, managing director of TJM Institutional Services, and Jonathon Corpina, senior managing partner at Meridan Equity Partners, join CNBC’s “Power Lunch” team to discuss.


RiffRaff says:

We are going back to 1910 living standards. The means off exchange has to have real world value or an exchange of goods will not happen. The Dollar and the other fiat currencies have only fantasy world value and soon nobody will swap you real potatoes for a fantasy. Do you think 100's of millions of people are going to sit quietly when the fiat dies and they start to get hungry? A calamity is being brewed and people are still trying to get the next 1% gain on their shares. The only thing the shares will be good for is compost when you try to grow some food. that's if you even have some paper shares. Just thought
I'd have a rant.

dan lam says:

I am Chinese from Vn but I hate Chinese from mainland, destroy the world like this. make me so sham when we go out to the public. I hope Americans can understand us. we are a victim too.

Silver Johnson says:

"Pro" heh

Troy Sierra says:

'Amazon' and 'Apple' closed their stores in china.

As an American would I find it beneficial to spend money foolishly in the economy. Would it be wiser to hold money for emergencies. Obviously, there is no certainty! That's what the markets are predicting globally!

Allan Torng says:

Fear mongering without data or evidence… LOL… LMAO!

Titan mukungurutse says:

45 people died in one city 1300 infections in one day if you have money in th stock market your an idito sundaybis going to be blood bath.

Saint of Last Resorts says:

The roof..the roof…the roof is on fire. We dont give a …

Michelle E says:

Now the " market " has the excuse " they " have been waiting for to do the Houdini with our earnings. not looking good

lukeslc says:

The stock market is one huge joke.

muroy Cpm-ppc-bcor-rci says:

Sell immediately…

beswick1111 says:

no mention of gold, god forbid these stock lovers mention gold, im sure CNBC will run a NEGATIVE story on gold when its US$5,000 telling us gold is in a bubble, LOL, but of course they didnt tell us to buy it on the way up, like they are daily trying to pump up the paper stock market

Mr X says:

Wouldn t that be great if we get a real significant correction ? We need buying opportunies and more value to buy. We do not need overvalued markets and liquidity excess driven multiple expansions.

Bleh Yous says:

I don't feel "comforted" by this pro, daddy musk will save my portfolio.

Michael Ziegler says:

FEAR! Buy buy buy opportunities
What will 40 years from now look? DOW 29,000?.? I think not …..🇺🇸❤️
God Bless🇺🇸

Tony Faxton says:

Flushing things out? Wow, these people are really delusional. If any one of those people take their eyes off their screen and watch news coming out of China, maybe then they will finally get reality. SARS took 8 months to kill just 800 people, and infect 8000. This brought down China's GDP by 2%. Thank God, back then we weren't so connected to China. Coronavirus infected 11000 in one week, and killed already 260 people in just a little over a week. You think this is just 'flushing things out'?

Daes B says:

Their heads are shaped weird.

Lenny Keene says:

I have already sold my Chinese stocks two days ago and setting ready to buy after the panic attack is over.

psymi 1981 says:

healthy dip…. it cant go straight up forever geez ….. everybody FREAKOUT

Fred Bloggs says:

yellow fruits are nice

tom bruigom says:

Theater is on fire and the exit doors don't open till monday.

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