Market sell-off was overdone and economy is strong: Wells Fargo Global CIO

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Donald Broughton, managing partner at Broughton Capital, and Kirk Hartman, global CIO at Wells Fargo Asset Management, discuss the state of the market and economy with “Squawk Alley”.

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下賤無恥的皇民日本狗dpp no free speach says:

few weeks ago sound like end the of world is coming …. cnbc idiots

Joseph Van Zandt says:

Oh yeah, we should definitely pay attention to the opinion of a Wells-Fargo exec. Wells-Fargo, the bank of weekly scandals.

Tee Cee says:

Everything that says wells Fargo goes to the shredder

Josh P says:

He is right about a China deal.  It will be favorable for the US in the long run.

ace 1 says:

Wells Fargo needs theyre banking license revoked. The executives need to start serving time for the lives ruin by theyre criminal enterprise

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