Market Sell-Off!! Where is the bottom?

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Market update!


deltaecho1 says:

what software program are using to diagram these candlesticks? Thank you for sharing.

B Mcginnis says:

I got into ADT, which I also like, but it isn't moving as much as the rest of the markets. Been easy to predict too. Do some research on the companies and people involved with it. Buy a couple thousand and wait.

Yusuf Onder says:

bitcoin will fall under $1700 and ethereum will fall under $150

Carlos Salinas says:

youre pretty much fucked crypto holders 😀 Sell that shit before it costs ZERO!

blackhawk161616 says:

it is expected. It is a new market and extreme volatility is common. Once cryptomarket matures… it will calm down.

TrinidadLink Live Repairs says:

At the end of the day.. Most "traders" look at trends.. Ask any tech person.. Any real tech person, is about what they're offering.. If it isn't really something necessary or practical.. It's worthless sooner or later… I'm leading in tech in my country for over 20 years… Almost never wrong with trends and having foresight… Go DASH.. Which I personally don't hold any of. Or PIVX which is where I decided to invest.. Don't take my word.. Take my 20+ years of knowing what's practical and what's bullshit. You'll be glad you listened to this techie from the 3rd world..

TrinidadLink Live Repairs says:

You used the phrase "safe haven" I don't believe it's LTC… THAT WOULD BE DASH first.. And PIVX taking a very close second.. That justifies "safe haven".

TrinidadLink Live Repairs says:

Also.. The longterm hard core investors.. Not traders. Will not sell.. No matter what.. Bitcoin is NOT going below $2,150. My opinion.. Based on very VERY extensive research. You can quote me on that..

TrinidadLink Live Repairs says:

Any fool can see.. DASH is going to be the new bitcoin.. And PIVX will be the new Litecoin.. I'm personally on team PIVX.. just because the overall structure.. And execution is better.. I'm in this for next 5 years not just for now…not just for quick profits. I Buy and hold and will work like normal.. For 5 years again then RETIRE in 5 years too much greedy people in the market.. Spiking it up.. And dumping too quickly… Spoiling it for us who actually are interested in what they're doing rather than the profit we can gain in short term from all this.. Smh.

marvelv212 says:


CryptoMonkey says:

It's not that bad, just correction. Market does it from time to time. I have made some money today shorting ETH.
Have a nice weekend.

Johnny Lingo says:

I think we are at the bottom at current levels. But could be wrong and you may be right. Enjoy your vids!

brady palmquist says:

were not in a bear market…after aug 1st itll go back to being parabolic

John N says:

not the news anyone wants to hear but seems it's the reality. I got holding the bag on a bunch so I might sell some at a loss and try to play these rally to make up for it

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