Market sell-off: Why investors shouldn’t panic

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Shaffer Asset Management President Dan Shaffer and AE Wealth Management Co-founder David Bach discuss the market correction and why investors shouldn’t panic.


Livefree Ordie says:

The economy grew 2.3 percent in 2017. How the f##k can anyone in the US says it is a phenomenal enconomy with a straight face? Is president Trump's ass so nice that you have to kiss it no matter what?

somuchkooleronline. says:

Up like an escalator & down like an elevator. We've been up over 40% since Trump election. A correction was overdue.

g bridgman says:

I'm not panicked. It'll come back. It always does. Now's a good time to by!

Ruben Yu says:

Rothschild's witchery!!!!!!??!?!?!?!?!?!

Brian says:

why investors shouldn’t panic.

1. I need to get out on a high.
2. cause i wan't to be able to say i told you so.
3. Your mama ——
4. i need my drug money.
5. because i'm smart and your dumb
6. because i say so.

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