Market sell-off won’t cause a recession next year, says Yardeni Research president

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Edward Yardeni, Yardeni Research President, gives his take on what is happening in the markets in the wake of the worst Christmas Eve ever in the stock markets.

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ziljin says:

Market bounced up yesterday. Let's see how the rest of the week goes.

Matt Mclaughlin says:

This would have been great content if the date was April fools

Matt Spence says:

Time to GTFO of these markets for fucks sakes before you loose your ass, that should be the headline

Riley P says:

People love to panic

Marc Sune Thomsen says:

Stocks for sale <3

Dan Sutton says:

People will line-up for the up-coming mandatory RFID-IMPLANT CURRENCY. I don't recommend it though, you'll secure your eternal souls in the lake of fire forever. Stock-up on silver and cooper while its still cheap!

Ruby Studio says:

The ship just hit an iceberg and is taking on water. The captain and crew start getting into the lifeboats while telling the passengers not to panic and that everything is alright.

Music Calgary says:

Lying or stupid, take your pick. 🙂

Greg ###### says:

Time for the Douche Bags to buy again : Bernanke Quote: 2008

is not the responsibility of the Federal Reserve – nor would it be appropriate
– to protect lenders and investors from the consequences of their financial

Johnny Casteel says:

Hey everybody…go back and see what they said before 2008…
Oh yeah THE SAME EXACT nonsense.

Baruch Spinosa says:

Yeah sure
Who is paying his salary ?

David vs Goliath says:

Ppl would be truly stupid if listen to CNBC

tobagocat conman says:

If you listen to these fools . deserve what you get

martin austin says:

They were doing the same shit just before the great recession. "Oh everything is fine, the market with never crash!… Oh shit it just crashed"

Charlene Tan says:

Raul Mendoza says:

Do not believe the news, things are really really bad.?

謬聊 says:

Liquidate, late, but you don't want to lose everything. Bubble burst.

Crypto Tishbite says:

Enter Cryptocurrency solving the liquidity crisis.

sunny robinson says:

Im buying, America is the hot spot, 8 years b4 it leaves back to china

sunny robinson says:

Too many jobs people are working

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