Market Selloff Erases U.S. Stock Gains for 2018

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Nov.20 — Bloomberg Opinion columnist Stephen Gandel examines the various factors that have fed the market selloff as stocks lose total gains for the year. He speaks on “Bloomberg Markets.” His opinions are his own.


Luzia Mike says:

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DB says:

Where money is going??? Really. You mean the Fiat money which is generated by the printer and digital accounting number… God, they came from no where and it just vaporized. If you don't believe, check your 401K. I got out 2 months back with sweet 17% return and no plan to return back for next 2 to 6 months. And if I need to invest, it's time short index market, especially "SH".

John Daidone Blue Jackal Lucario says:

The evil people in charge are angry at Trump. Good, let them lower the stock market. It won't effect us. This will effect the Federal Reserve. Take out the Federal reserve. NOW!

Bring it on Elite. We know that your exposes, lots of people know you want the humans dead or controlled. Well, we are getting our country back. You and your pathetic Fallen angels, just want to rule. Well, God(Jesus, (Jehovah) is watching and rules us. Ha.

Trump 2020. Gold back currency, no digital. Haaaaa. Howlllllll


You are robbed by Trump! Ha ha ha!


China is the world's largest trading country with a total trade amounting to slightly more than US$4 trillion. This is about 30% of the country's GDP. Trade with the US is around US$500 billion only, just a fraction of the US$4 trillion.

The tariffs on the first US$250bn Chinese goods will be absorbed by the American importers. Because searching for alternate sources will involve risk, money and time.

As for the tariff on the next US$250bn, coward Trump and his team of incompetent politicians will not dare to implement it. Because it will hit the consumers directly, and it's holiday seasons now, inflation will shoot up. This will cause the Fed to increase the interest rate, which will prick the US bubble economy and stock prices.

Everblue Freediving says:

Trump's economy, Trump's recession….

Google Name says:

A manufactured crisis. If you think this doesn’t have anything to do with the midterms, the phony Russian bs, the fbi and cia working to remove trump, trump’s comments on the Fed, tech companies censoring/manipulating searches/banning users/content and the current soft coup going on to remove the sitting President of the USA?

You’re nuts.

ณัฐวรรณ วงศ์จันทร์ says:


Marek Kolenda says:

3.0 % 10yers bonds interest rates is for selling bonds 3.20% is for buying bonds.

Marek Kolenda says:

Watch down jones limits line between 24,500 points and 25,500 points up and down.

cogen651 says:

Hey, I made 3% in my CD

zoo judy says:

This is another "can you imagine if this was happening during Obama administration?" lol

po u says:

end up by hurting itself lol

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