Market selloff similar to 1987 market crash?

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UBS senior portfolio manager Jim Lacamp discusses the similarities and differences between the stock market crash of 1987 and the recent market selloff.


luci78 Cozma says:

You guys so happy while ago when market was in Bull market . Now be happy also. The markets was already forecast to go down and 2019 will crush USA. Only a good deal with china will save USA ! Brace for a big impact !!

Jj W says:

Imminent trade war between superpowers, Governmnt shutdown, Brexit, yup we are in great shape.

Jaiber Porras says:

Buy the dip hahaha liars

J Dizzle says:

these people are trying to stop people from getting scared. they dnt want people to realize the market is propped up on lies

No Where says:

No, they were not this leveraged in 1987 – Financial Engineered . This cannot be a quick "V" bottom. The market has been drifting downward since last year.

We're in pretty good shape – the "Wall Street View." Out of touch with the struggling working American.

Oscar G says:

Fox is Bull shit

Mitch Leake says:

Time to buy, people!

Éamonn Síoċáin says:

The Trump Crash is the worst since the Great Depression of the 20th Century.

vinm300 says:

3:30 "We have the Pnuchin comments ". Come again ?

Ranger Don says:

Save yourself's from this BS open a savings account and don't spend a nickel.

ralph Ostrander says:

In the best economy ever as good as it gets, you dont have the best xmas in 6 years. you have the best ever.

Brendan Harnett says:

These news channels are really trying to be optimistic about this correction… Kind of like the producers and Hosts didn't sell before it started tumbling ?

I'm looking for mid-range Cap American oil companies in 2019 since they are almost all giving away their shares.

Erick Cartman says:

The people that bought low got rid of there stocks , The ones that got them high didn’t get out crossing there fingers, at the end only the rich can survive, They have enormous amounts of gold and resources to survive till the earth burns

Aerohk says:

Sell on the rallies. Still a long way down boys. Look at the ugly yield curve.

Spring4030 Zxqa6519 says:

I don't know any security guards investing in stocks. Lies deranges our society who is practicing to be insane. Even when they are wrong they are right.

Doug Prather says:

The super rich trying to force the little guys out before the stocks sky rocket upwards because of Trump's tax cuts 2 point 0,and his fair trade for the USA. Don't sell out to the billionaires.

Suburban Grotesques says:

Dow soars more than 1,050 points, its biggest point gain in history. The stabilizing force of the incredibly smooth running Trump White House.
He runs it like his own business and only hires the best people.

Yet two days ago the Xmas Eve CRASH….hey but if its up King Trump takes the credit.

If its down…the past was alterable. The past never had been altered. Oceania was at war with Eastasia. Oceania had always been at
war with Eastasia. MAGA!


Why do we listen to this banker make excuses about the 2018 correction while hiding the big bank's shorting their customer's positions?
Who is fooled by computers, FED rates, chinese tariffs, and dem lies?

ztop ztop says:

there is only one group of people that want the US stock market to fail! THE FED. Remember the trillions of financial instruments the Fed bought to prop the markets? My best guess is they want to destroy Trump and America so badly the Fed is now selling off these investments into a hot economy and they want to blame Trump for it. Globalism is evil and does not have America's best interest in mind. God damn the Fed. Obama, Soros and their so called liberal international order. It's just a bunch of evil men who want to rule others. God damn them all. GOD BLESS TRUMP. HE'S TAKING THE HEAT FOR ALL OF US.

kerry the truth says:

Fox propaganda similar to CNNs propaganda .

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