Market selloff: When should investors re-enter the market?

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FBN’s Charles Payne on the stock market’s massive drop and when investors should jump back into the market.


Tera Tokomi says:

"every time I get in the market it goes down" – little known fact of stock market trading, about 95% of traders lose money and only about 5% gain money. Guess who the 5% are? Mainly wallstreet.

Tiger Long says:

wall street wolves are cashing out the dow jones and planning to attack the European share markets.

T 7 says:

Needs to drop another 12,000 points.

pcbgatlas says:

so computers don't buy the orangutrump Bullshit??? MAGA & COVFEFE FOREVER BITCHESSS!!!

Roger Turner says:

amazing putting the whole universe in prison


Rothschilds causing this, redo of waterloo

AthenaSaints says:

It needs to drop another 2000 points.

Future Hindsight says:

I'll buy again when Clinton is in Prison, when the Trumps are in Prison and when we have a real and fair election not paid for by globalist corporations and are a genetic mutation of capitalism and communism combined in sad factories in China and massive corporate chains in the USA to destroy lives of good people all over the planet. They all get rich, we just work and get less.

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