Market sells off as coronavirus fears spread

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The market has its worst day since October 2nd of last year on coronavirus fears. With CNBC’s Tyler Mathisen and the Fast Money traders, Tim Seymour, Brian Kelly, Steve Grasso and Guy Adami.

Dow Jones Industrial Average tumbles 603.41 points

The Dow plummeted 603.41 points, or 2.09%, to close at 28,256.03. The S&P 500 shed 1.77% to 3,225.52. The Nasdaq Composite dropped 1.59% to 9,150.94. Stocks ended January on a disappointing note after concerns around the deadly coronavirus intensified.

January gains wiped out

The Dow and S&P 500 lost their gains for January on Friday after China’s National Health Commission confirmed on Friday that there have been nearly 10,000 confirmed coronavirus cases, with the death toll rising to more than 210. Airlines such as American, United and Delta announced they are curbing travel between China and the U.S. as fears around the sickness grew. The U.S. government also declared the virus a national health emergency. Investors added exposure to Treasury bonds, with the 30-year rate falling below 2%, a key level.

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R D says:

The Media is Propaganda that often presents issues out of context. Context: Tens of THOUSANDS of people die from the flu EACH YEAR.

primeraprim says:

Astronomical Crash Coming very very soon.

Jay M says:

The $4.2 trillion printed by the FED hasn't improved the underlying economy but has mostly been used by banks and businesses to speculate.

primus loy says:

Recession, here we go

Jorge Sweet says:

Pharmaceutical industries are pretty rich , corrupt and powerful , be careful of all this

TheUltimateBattle says:

Something is not right with the news

Joe Zyzyx says:

corona virus. black swan.

Mirio Knapic says:

Perfection Fed Printing MONEY Q-4 , Out of control now.. (This is Fear !!)

Poum Pea says:

Because of GDP or corona viruses? Hahaha

TareqImam CharteredAccountant says:

Corona virus… Please start eating halal food. Stop eating pigs, Ham. Pig's DNA structure matches close to human DNA. Easy for viruses to travel between species.

Mountain Dew says:

trump and coronavirus is a bad combo for the stock markets

Arv Clpal says:


Jonathan Sakks says:

$CODX 🤑🚀

sunny robinson says:

Good guy good guy what your gonna do what your gonna do when the corona virus come for you🤔

Christopher Norbits says:

Buying stocks cheaper, no worries

RustyNuts says:

Playing down the effect of the virus, surprise!

blazercage says:

People are just selling on fear and emotions. Almost every company has reported record earnings but that doesn't matter to "small heart" traders that don't know the fundimentals of buying when the market if high and low.

Jmunny Rulz says:

Oh the market fell? You mean the Fed didn’t pump another 90$b to help lift it into positive territory?

Rick Gee says:

No real surprise, there was talk of cyclical correction coming.

Robert Murphy says:

Market analyst – "Market in a downturn statistically from slower trade and travel from precautions for the Coronavirus"

Major media news – " this has been coming for a while all because of trumps trade policies"
This is literally why people don't watch television news anymore… Lol😆

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