Market View: S&P 500 Technical Analysis, FAANG Earnings & FOMC Plus US Dollar Deep Dive

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In this video we will take a look at the S&P 500 sharing the current market view to see if a V-shaped recovery is taking place in light of the Fed put or if the decorating economy will cause the market to sell off again revisiting the lows and even going onto make lower lows. We also take a deep look at the bullish case for the US dollar and see how that can effect the stock market.

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Curt Sheldon says:

2Q GDP is irrelevant. It's an astrik on the balance sheet as it will be seen in history. Global pandemic. Serious threatening medical situation attacking the human race. Before the CV, the economy was pretty strong. If anyone thinks USA won't bounce back even stronger needs to leave America. I'll help them pack. LOL

warmperson2007 says:

So basically you are bearish unless we break that strong resistance at 2885. Future will tell us if you were right.

Jean-Guy says:

wow great analysis. other than "mehmeh"!

David Duckworth says:

If amazon files for bankruptcy their stock is definitely going to $3000…

George says:

Raouls view of the dollar and stocks makes no sense…he thinks stocks will crash but usd will soar. Btw have a look at the audusd..the day the swap lines were announced, the usd dropped 10% lag

Jordan Cave says:

Really appreciate your thoughts and well balanced opinions Jordan. I'm new to your channel and am nothing but impressed. Keep up the great content Mate!

Michael Carriere says:

Great video amongst a sea of garbage on here. Thank you!!!!

Sheldon Danziger says:

First time viewer..that was awesome Jorden. Keep in mind that we can go to 120 on the dollar over quite some time before this whole thing implodes..I like the call on DXY

XPHIX says:

Pure Quality… Thanks

Ken Lam says:

such a good analysis

Lorenzo Feijoo says:

Thank you for these knowledge packed vídeos. Love how you get straight to the point.
If feds printing more money, can you explain how this negatively affects foreign currencies.

Nicolas Roy says:

Amazing vid Jordan! Thank you so much!

Cameron Zurawlow says:

Hey Jordan, I know you focus more on the S&P and FX, but I was wondering if you had any thoughts on USO, especially with the reverse stock split starting tomorrow. Also, in your live stream you mention a place where you put summaries of some of your outlooks and key comments, so I was wondering where I could see these. Thanks so much for your help and awesome videos

John Doe says:

Super good analysis, great insight!!

Colin says:

SPY has a lil bump coming on 30-APR for DRIP buy backs.

Gyoung Nyun Kim says:

As always thank you for the valuable analysis Jordan!! Can you also give a analysis of KOSPI, which is the name of the S. Korea's stock market?

Colin says:

Love the macro analysis

salg says:

I just want to say the u.s government response to civilian stimulus has been horrendous and nothing short of negligible. The fact that they've made the vulnerable feel like they need to sacrifice themselves to survive is downright criminal. I hope they get their shit together but I'm not holding my breath.

They've done a fantastic job floating companies with shitty fundamentals.

ASEA Technology says:

For the last 4 years – Ive been telling people we will see 1% mortgages at some point in our lives…..and this video highlights some of the reasoning. Now ofcourse a financial reset of some configuration can prevent that – but at this juncture – with these designers of these Frankenstein economies anything and everything is possible. Negative Rates in Europe, Ghost Cities in China, Commission free stock trading, and worthless Oil – you get the picture – 1% mortgages is not crazy anymore. This global Money Printing has grown assets exponentially and thus when they need a home – and rush into one or two asset classes – ANYTHING is Possible – just as Asset Classes can become worthless – Oil. I think one of the best Virtues Jordan talks about is – :You dont have be in a trade every minute of the day….Which is really hard to not do between having bills to pay and looking at screens 8 hours a day…..We have to think of Patience as cash on the sidelines – dont throw it away….

jay pal says:

👍 Good video.

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