Market View: Technical Analysis, What Did The Fed Just Do? Gold & Silver Dumping

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In the FOMC July 29th meeting the Federal Reserve said it will not take up a new tool known as yield curve control, but said it will keep all of its options open in the future: @YahooFinance

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kipps guitar says:

Chile produces 28% of world copper and hit hard by covid

kipps guitar says:

By the end of 2020, the government estimates Chile's annual copper production will fall by 200,000 tonnes from last year's output of 5.8 million tonnes.

Katheryn Pae says:

I held gold for a long term and invested in Bitcoin and Forex, I've been earning much from it 🤑🤑

jack c says:

Thanks Jordan! I was getting worried this morning too about the selloff

Will Tham says:

You said 1929 and my ears perked up. Be it the level of gold or the year, it has significance. lol Very glad to have you back, btw. Stay Safe.

Anuranjan Mondal says:

Umm, In the context of BTC imo we generally don't see 30% pullbacks during bull markets. Let me know your thoughts.

onesaneworld says:

Why take the Risk??? Sell now take profits!!! At least according to s&p 500. I Think bubble is bursting right now.. CEOs took Profits days ago…i belive they know whats coming. But what do i know.

MusicUnderGround says:

I subbed I like your gusto on the situation. Instant sub

Give me your run down on tlh n tlt when can we expect a run up on mad profits since we missed the Tesla boat

Stephen Marzola says:

The extra 300 a week in unemployment trump made on executive order has started paying in az. So still got decent money coming in. Better tha. 240 a week max in az. So money still coming in.

steve keller says:

best channel on youtube

Chris Mc says:

Thanks Jordan! awesome to see the copper chart.. I have fun screwin around with fcx options. Go copper!

Allen Au says:

Such clear and cogent analysis of the FED and the markets! Welcome back Jordan! Keep liking the videos guys!

jacobdaily63 says:

Thanks for the video, Great update as usual

Jared Coover says:

Welcome back from vacation, glad to have ya. Hope you enjoyed it!

Muhammed Shah Mia says:

Hey Jordan, great to have you back. #bigfan 🤗 in the process of spreading the word about your channel again down here. 👌

MrOldBoy says:

Feds greatest weapon is verbal intervention!!! So damn true!

Reserved Risk says:

Is this guy slow.. Markets ready for a March repeat.(Markets and gold SATURATED) They have priced in everything you've said. Everyone that's gonna buy has bought.

Dollar($DXY) WILL rally HARD.

Gold free fall with the markets AS ALWAYS.

Volatility($UVXY) and bonds($TLT) will shoot up.


l N says:

Thanka for your analysis and I hope you had a rejuvenating holiday!

Ray Ng says:

$ is still king after all.

JKirbs23 says:

Thank you for your time and analysis.

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