MarketFest: How to Find New Trend Trades [Hubert Senters]

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Close – WINvesting presents MarketFest (Season 35, Episode 2) – “How to Find New Trend Trades”

Join Hubert in this informative presentation where he will teach you:

* How to know the prevailing trend instantly on any chart
* How to identify a trend change without second guessing yourself
* How to know when it’s time to sell and avoid further falls in price


About The Presenter

Hubert Senters

Hubert Senters is a skilled professional day trader and successful entrepreneur. His philosophy is, “If you need to accomplish something in life, find someone who is passionate about the topic of your interest, and learn everything they know about it.”

Hubert has a passion for helping other people, just as his mentor helped him. He is best known for his no-BS approach, which is effective, refreshing, and entertaining. He currently owns and is the co-founder of TradeTheMarkets. He and his companies have been featured on Bloomberg, CNN, CNBC, Stocks and Commodities, and Traders Expo (to name a few).

Hubert’s goal is to achieve a comfortable lifestyle, put money away for the future, and have time to enjoy life, family, and friends. When he’s not trading, he spends time with his wife, Lisa, and his three children in Versailles, Kentucky.


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