MarketFest: London Breakout Strategy

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Close – presents MarketFest (Season 8, Episode 3) – “London Breakout Strategy”
Understand why the open of the European session is prime for potential trades. Learn to identify trades using counter-trendline breaks. Watch as Joshua explains how he identifies potential daily highs and lows forming.


About The Presenter

Joshua Martinez

Joshua Martinez is Market Traders Institute’s (MTI) head analyst with more than four years of experience analyzing and trading the Forex market. As a trader and an instructor skilled in both technical and fundamental analysis, Josh, also known as FX Pathfinder, has used the mentoring lessons taught to him by his father (world-renowned trader Jared Martinez) to build his own reputation as a successful trader, analyst and instructor. He has developed several trading strategies and systems including the 3:10 London Breakout Strategy that is taught in MTI’s Forex Mastery Course, MTI’s Day Trading Course and the Auto Aussie Trading System.


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