MarketFest: One Award-Winning Strategy You Can Use Right Now For All Markets [Rob Hoffman]

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Close – WINvesting presents MarketFest (Season 36, Episode 4) – “One Award-Winning Strategy You Can Use Right Now For All Markets”

Join Rob for this presentation where he will teach you to:
* Know the proper setup to even consider a trade
* Identify entry prices for your trades with precision
* Choose proper trading instruments and time frames
* Simple technicals that help you master direction


About The Presenter

Rob Hoffman
Become a Better Trader

Rob Hoffman is a 25-time domestic and international trading champion who is known for winning more real money in on-site trading competitions than anyone else in the entire world.

As a high-profile trader, educator, and mentor, Rob drills down into the “where, how, and why” retail traders are frequently stopped out of trades. He also reveals the setups and strategies he uses to trade like an institutional trader and trading champion. Rob has the real and rare experiences to share and help you develop into the day or swing trader you want to be with Stock, Options, Futures, and Forex.


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