MarketFest: The Treasury Map: How To Day Trade Bonds

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Close – presents MarketFest (Season 15, Episode 4) – “The Treasury Map: How To Day Trade Bonds”

If you’re not day trading bonds, you should be. John Ondercin from Invest To Success will show you why the bond market has become one of his favorite trading instruments due to higher-­than-­average returns and a volatility curve that is smoother (and more predictable) than most other markets.

In this exclusive presentation, you’ll learn:

* How the big institutions are trading bonds and how you can beat them at their own game

* Precise entries that get you into a trade just before it explodes in your direction

* How to use order flow to see where the large buy and sell orders are and how to adjust your entries and exits accordingly

* How to take the risk down to just a just a few ticks for a high reward/risk ratio


About The Presenter

John Ondercin

John Ondercin is the Chief Trading Strategist at A full­-time trader since 1999, his books include “Options Trading in a Nutshell” and numerous courses on day trading and advanced options strategies. His focus is on protecting your portfolio while providing monthly cash flow. Mr. Ondercin has been teaching his strategies since 2005 to both new and institutional traders in 53 countries around the world.


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