Markets were overextended before sell-off, says investing pro

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CNBC’s “Power Lunch” team discusses the market sell-off with CNBC contributor Ron Insana, and Michael Farr, president and CEO of Farr, Miller and Washington.


Ferdinando Cortese says:

It is funny. He said "there is the possibility of a large correction, but we don't know". Say you don't know, because this is all you know!

jp2059 says:

Uh da the dow is at least 15,000 points over extended
Look out below

math says:

The market is long overdue for a correction. With the coronavirus, this is the perfect storm. There’s no better one/event to blame. Blame it on the Chinese! Dow straight to 18k

Michel Hammack says:

Damn it can't be that hard to say Bernie Sanders is leading the polls, or does your corporate overlords forbid it

LMIMSsoi says:

sorry to brake the news to you, with the BOJ, ECB, US central bank aka "the fed" printing cash – the financial economy is over 4 times 400% larger then the real economy now. So, what happens in the real economy doesn't mean that much. As long as the C.B's keep printing "expanding balance sheets" markets will go up.

Michelangelo Buonarroti says:

Markets are nervous with the prospect of a self-enriching President who is no longer subject to oversight.

Sasa Princip says:

And here we go…run to safe haven. Hard run to hard assets…come on, wake up

bo duke says:

stop using corona viris as scape goat

Joe Weis says:


Mario Cantani says:

Since everyone is now so negative…I see a big dead cat bounce coming this week ..

Smashjoy says:

They gonna try hard to blame Bernie for when this pump n dump economy finally starts dumping

Guenzburgh Dcl says:

Never Trumpers salivating for a recession …. Clown News BC

soulbrosampson says:

At 4:25, look at the smirk on his face as he lies to throw Bernie Sanders under the bus by insinuating that his rise in the primary poles this early could be a cause for the stock market going down. This is so telling.

Shopaholicru 69 says:

Time to buy y’all!!!!!

Chris Salley says:

Don't worry. The worst is yet to come. We haven't seen nothing yet

[EXO] Niixodus says:

The stocks of the old world are plummeting, and the stocks of the future continue to explode. We are in a new "industrial revolution"

We're all watching human history be written

Death Larsen says:

Really theres nothing to be gained listening to the CNBC shill self promoter charlatans

Death Larsen says:

Ron insana what a jacktard. In prior bubble he left at the peak Tongo start a hedge fund that epically failed and came crawling back to Cnbc. He actually has a job at another shill bank. What a farce.

Liberty Eli says:

Jim cramer yesterday, “IM DONE WITH OIL”…California the BOSS! Almost 30 years ago we vowed to change it and requires mpg standards and alternative energy standards! America fought us, we run this nation and world. Be it legal marijuana, gay marijuana, alternative energy, tech, electric cars, self driving cars, apps, computers, You name it MY CREW leads it.
Long live America and mad love to the world. Doubt us,
Hahahahahaha, all day baby

Teresa Stratton says:

O.m.g the rich are loosing 🤓

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