Markus Heitkoetter: Conquering Fear and Greed: How to Deal With Emotions When Trading

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Date of issue: 14 May 2009. Speaker: Markus Heitkoetter. As day traders, we are confronted with our emotions every single day. You already know that the main emotions connected with day trading are fear and greed. If you want to succeed with day trading, then you MUST learn how to conquer them both, and that’s exactly what we’ll be talking about in this webinar. Here’s what we’ll cover: – How greed and fear are affecting your trading decisions – What to do when you become a victim of your emotions and how you can control those emotions – The number one way you can avoid making irresponsible decisions based on fear and greed – How to conquer fear and greed – The six mistakes that most traders are making in the day trading field and how to avoid them


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