Markus Heitkoetter: Day Trading Series – Chapter V: The 10 Power Principles of Successful Tradin…

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Date of issue: 01 April 2008. Speaker: Markus Heitkoetter. This is a 6 chapters series about Day Trading and we will teach one session per month. ______________ Whether you developed your own trading strategy or purchased one: You have to ensure that the strategy really works. On paper everything might look great, but how can you be sure that the strategy works when you start trading it with real money? Evaluating a trading strategy is easier than you think. In this session you will learn about the 10 Principles of Successful Trading Strategies that we developed and refined over the last couple of years.You should use these Power Principles to evaluate your trading strategy, whether you developed it on your own or think about purchasing one. By checking a strategy against these principles you can dramatically increase the chances of being successful.


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