MASSIVE Stock Market Crash IMMINENT As Investors Pull $30 Billion In Ten Weeks!

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Josh Sigurdson talks with author and economic analyst John Sneisen about the imminent danger the US stock market faces following investors pulling $30 billion from US stock funds over the last 10 weeks.
Ron Paul recently claimed we could see a 50% stock crash in the next year, most of all very possibly in October following the debt ceiling decision on September 29th.

As John breaks down, the US dollar continues to weaken significantly. People are moving away from the US dollar as they see a massive tsunami ready to strike. The faith is being lost and fast. Unfortunately for the worthless fiat centrally planned system, they depend on that faith.
The Fed has printed over 4 trillion dollar to bail out all kinds of derivative assets to save the banks.
As we see constant reports in the news that the stock markets are at all time highs, is that not eerily reminiscent of what we saw in 2007?
This isn’t something a president can solve. It’s a market reality and it has to fail alongside the fiat system. Trump can do nothing about it.
The vast populace is being tricked by bankers once against as they fall victim to debt and therefor the servitude to the state and banking system which comes with debt.

An in debt populace is a subservient populace.

“As the banks sell high, you’re buying high” John points out.

With the massive amount of money being pulled out of US stocks, these are the big investors pulling out and it’s been in the making for a long time. Many are stocking up on things like gold and silver as well as other tangible assets. This should be a lesson to all of those out there being used and abused by this debt based, manipulated system. Do what the establishment does. Buy gold and silver. Stock up on sound money. Be financially responsible. Be self sustainable. Food, water, shelter, defense and sound money as well as diversification in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. Escape the central banking system at all costs and save yourself from the debt based derivatives markets.

As John points out, this is entirely caused by government manipulation in the long run and it once again goes to show how much more sturdy and dependable the free market is. True individual demand, not propped up “too big to fail” corporations that are entirely dependent on the government’s magic hand.

This stock crash will be on an epic scale like nothing we’ve seen before and the rest of the world will be affected dramatically as well. This just goes back to the importance of your ability to sustain your own life outside of any form of dependency. This is far more likely (despite the loss of fundamentals in this manipulated market) to happen in the next year than in the next ten years as the one an only Dr. Ron Paul made quite clear in his recent warning.

Then one has to ask how this will play into the SDR.

We will continue to report on this situation as it will no doubt unfold, fast.

Stay tuned for more from WAM!

Video edited by Josh Sigurdson

Josh Sigurdson
John Thore Stub Sneisen

Graphics by Bryan Foerster and Josh Sigurdson

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Martin R says:

to help understand why buy food, water and supplies again. i have started but its never explained well. Wouldn't there be stores open to get these necessaties? thank you great clip

Jehova's Abettor says:

Tinfoil cap squad, ready to roll. Don't forget to donate, folks, or Nibiru is gonna blockchain the fuck out of your lizardmen shmeckels! Seriously, donate, before we're getting shut down by CIA. Like, please, donate. Fo' reals. C'mon. Pretty pleeease?

Jason Waite says:

Where are they putting it? Anyone know w/facts/sources?

Mike Parry says:

October. Always happens in the month of October.

angeld1120 says:

The gov. Seized millions of bitcoins a long time ago from the guy who was selling drugs and accepting drugs for bitcoins though online. The gov. Have you guys by the balls and always will.

angeld1120 says:

I knew it was about bitcoin. Puts pressure and fear on the world so you can buy more bitcoins. One thing i know is never trust a man with hands the size of a baby smh

Mr Jesus says:

The markets don't rely on citizens money to stay up. Central Banks around the world are printing and buying stocks, especially ours. THE BANK OF Switzerland and Japan are among the biggest whales. The bank of Switzerland owns more publicly owned share of Facebook than Zuckerberg. They also heavily buy Tesla, Amazon and Facebook aka the CIA front companies, as well as propping up banking and energy stocks. These two are very good, but they don't seem to understand that Central Banks have purchased over 23 trillion in stocks and don't intend to quit. It cannot go down for any period of length, it can only go up. And it does.

DangerClose805 says:

Buy high sell low ?

Viking Mike says:

The New York Stock Exchange will repeat it's own history just as [it] did in 1929. That event did not take ten years to go from 'peak to trough'. That event only took a few weeks to loose 50%, and a year to crash another 44%. That is a more likely scenario to unfold for a market that is that heavily dependent on maximum manipulation to reach the level that it is today. The 'run' on the stock market has already begun as the 'big players' are all rushing for the exits.

Joy Ann El-Khouri says:

To the men in WAM this happened to Argentina and Brazil way back when and they couldn't take any money out of the country right up till today. My husband has some relatives in those countries and some have whole streets of businesses in their names and they cannot take anything out of those countries. Communism exactly as both of you are describing. People haven't seen anything yet because hardship is on the way.

Gadsden Viper says:

Crypto is the path to a cashless society and ultimate state control over our lives, to think it all isn't planned is foolish

Gerald Parker says:

"Steam it", eh? I prefer to boil it.

Tony Time says:

We never really know when…… but all markets go up and down and up and down……. Sometimes though, it can be something as simple as the the weather that can cause markets to collapse. Would you like to be in insurance in Texas today, if you are, maybe your shares are taking a hit, or farming, when all the crops have been wiped out. Some say we are due, world wide, really bad winters, maybe that is all it will take to cause some of the bubbles to pop……who knows but it will happen…..

Rainer Molla says:

Are you guys going to make a video on the increased interest rates in Canada along with the Canadian dollar? And it's effect on the housing market like Vancouver, Toronto, & possibly Montreal.

wootisit says:

They silently go into Crypto currencies like Bitcoin (BTC) before the next doubling will happen.

Harry Kiralfy Broe says:

Don't blame the US government for the mad gambling of the Wall Street and the Banksters. The government and CB's has been bought by the oligarchy. We ought to guillotine all them, without exception.

sailaway01 says:

nice to see young people that can see whats happening

Jan Bialek says:

Alternative media does not mean the good one. A stick have two ends does not matter how many times you brake it. Media = True or False. The problem is how to recognize what is not rubbish.

Jan Bialek says:

Guys, just stop scaring people. From every corner doom and gloom and at the end of the day we have to get up in the morning and do our daily things. Pray for our future and do things which our Lord thought us. I am 65 an the whole my life I am hearing this stories, strange ones, and possible ones, but things will happen we like it or not. Be good and hope for best.
Just tell me please how much money are you making from your scary site?

Big Sinner Risk Ninja says:

30B is the equivalent of AAPL dropping 4.5%….just saying.

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