May Is Last Time Bitcoin Is Under $10,000, Russia May Use Ethereum And SEC Decision Imminent

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CryptoLamboNick says:

What time is SEC announcement?

Yellow Studios says:

Huh…BTC hit 10K in feb….what happened next is on the rec.

Raging Potato says:

Shrem always legit.

Ho Jin Lee says:

wtf Maduro is no genius.. he's a tyrant and a douchebag. Miners in Venezuela run the risk of being incarcerated because the government doesn't want you to get rich.. they want those miners for themselves..

Yisikah Maia says:

Another bomb video! Well done 💖🙌

Craig Neeve says:

is SEC a global organisation? if not than why does it have so much sway anyway

Yoshi says:

8am pst. NY is 3hrs ahead of CA

Xait says:

Maduro is an ex gang member and former bus driver, there is no way he has any idea what he is doing.

daviesakiller says:

"Upanupanupanupanup" : the modern investor May 5 2018.

nimo hobbs says:

Ethereum can easily hit 3k this year without breaking a sweat..

RuuunnMarkrUunN Ruuun says:

Can you do a live reaction to he SEC ruling?

Not Me says:

Could be EOS 🚀🚀🚀

cyberprompt says:

A crypto would have to have a unit price higher than BTC for any kind of upset in the current system. I'll assume you meant that and not marketcap, since that would be silly to say.

familyvid1 says:

He has directed (ordered) state run institutions to mine cryptos. Do you really think he will then return these to the people? He knows these institutions already have the computing infrastructure intact to mine. They are in extreme poverty d/t his policies and human rights violations. They have enough petroleum to pull them out of piverty but cannot sell it as a durect consequence of their government. Think about it….

Zach H says:

Omg!! How exciting. Can ETH really be deemed a security!? That is the question. More so ( and im asking this for…er…a friend of mine ) Would any of you actually buy some ETH right now b4 this announcement? My, um, friend doesnt holdany right now but has been wanting to, he is ready to pull the trigged but on may 7th….the price could plummet….but then again it could rocket. I mean, he only wants to grab like a little piece of an ETH…he cant afford a whole one. He trusts you guys and gals opinion and i told him i would ask you……should he grab his 15% of an ETH now or wait until the 7th? Scared money makes no money!! FOMO, FUD,…..FUK!!!!!

Dradee says:

SEC can suck a bag of dicks !

Chris says:

Xrp will drop around .40c -.50c. Then buying the dip!

Gal Gueta says:

If you're right about eth…… you are my fcking god

iG W says:

forgot to watch your vids lately.. shame… great updates

Mykehawk3 says:

Based on this, maybe ETH should take one for the team. Can't have the space disrupted because big B got dethroned.

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