Michael Burry Predicts Another Market Crash. Here’s His Full Stock Portfolio

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In this video we go over Michael Burry’s full stock portfolio. He only owns 10 stocks, so lets go over them in a bit more detail.

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DISCLAIMER: It’s important to note that I am not a financial adviser and you should do your own research when picking stocks to invest in. These are just some of my viewpoints, by no means would I recommend watching one YouTube video and then immediately buying that stock. This video was made for educational and entertainment purposes only. Consult your financial adviser.


Aaron Meadows says:

i love the known investor portfolios reviews, great idea man thank you!

PhD in Paradise says:

did he sell JD?

Eduardo Coronado says:

Niggative income for tailored brands!

Metal Bum says:

Very good we need more portfolio analysis from you. I like the graphics too and charts. Pie charts and good stuff thanks

patrick assalone says:

I've been professional futures trader for over 15 years, unless you are prepared to give me the time, date and actual price when this crash is going happen, you are nothing more than a fraud just like those alleged gurus on financial news television. Is this crash going to happen in the pit session? Or the overnight? Let me guess, the crash is already "baked in", please provide that formula so I know exactly when to short.

Ascanius says:

This coming depression is engendered just as the one in 1929 was and as they took over industry back then they will take over everything else including our very lives on the one approaching. This is their plan

Célestin Fortier-Rhéaume says:

where did you get your source?

r Negoro says:

Cleveland cliffs is doing well, iron ore is pretty high. It is cyclical though, it could drop during the tariff but it could also go up, stimulus from china to counter tariffs could also be done.

r Negoro says:

Etf bubble…. Just buy stocks not in the etf.

Passive Income Tom says:

Good information! I own a few of these stocks already so there is hope. 😉

Lee Steven says:

Alibaba is control by Chinese government pretends to be public company, he is not that smart just because he predicts something.

Les Campbell says:

I know a lot of companies are investing in Lifi lighting … lighting units that provide internet connection and will be taking over the Wifi industry in the next few years

Lead Architect says:

That means we need to buy swaps more

cing earth cingearth says:

should be investing in trump stocks !

Andrew Gorsic says:

you should make it known that this information was released in march and his positions may have changed.

Investing Education says:

What we really want to know is his performance over the last 10 years

Dapperdave 527 says:

Can you explain the concept on what Burry is talking about and why massive inflows into passive vehicles are a bad thing?

Scott S says:

Enjoyed the video… This isn't Burry's "full stock portfolio" though. He also holds some fairly large South Korean equity positions (long positions), which he isn't required to disclose since they're outside the U.S.. He discloses BABA by choice.

allen everhart says:

Here's the M1 Finance Pie for Burry's Portfolio in roughly the same target allocations: https://m1.finance/cDIRC_cN_

Football Dreamer says:

I don't see anything rare that can make you think a market crash is close. Several of his biggest positions are in some of the most popular traded stocks at the moment

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