Michael Pento-Stock Market Will Crash and Take Down Real Estate Too

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Financial analyst Michael Pento warns, “The market is extremely overvalued. If revenue and earnings growth is negative, if global growth is falling, if U.S. growth is falling, if margin debt is at a record high and cash is at a record low, and the only thing we had going for the markets is trillions of dollars in QE and 0% interest rates, and now we are going to lose that. Why would anybody think the stock market is going to hold up very well? I think the stock market crashes, and I think it is going to be the same thing that happened in 2007. As the stock market goes, so goes housing and so goes the economy. It happens over and over again throughout history. It will never be more so true than today.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with financial expert Michael Pento of Pento Portfolio Strategies.

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Truthsabre7 says:

what wrong with buying pslv?

Mike Davino says:

its about time.

marty mart says:

how could the recession had ended in  2008 when the financial crisis was taking place???

nayanmalig says:

China has relaxed the one child policy. So cities will come in handy. Better than derivatives.

mindnumber9 says:

true gold is planet earth itself. and unicorn horns. in the upcoming crisis, you better understand the great value system.

be humble, be kind. be peaceful, and forgiving.

your worth and value is in your character and ways. if you're caught in debt, negativity, you'll have greater sufferings: sin, unrepentance, anger, madness, hostility, fear, greed, cutthroat inhumanity.

if you're wise, you'll shift your energy current (currents of currency) to positive:

our farther in wisdom, heavenly goodness
give us this day our daily bread
forgive us our trespasses
as we forgive those who trespass against us
lead us not into temptation
but deliver us from evil


mean people sear in hell's victory

be kind, be wise, and know the great value system.

babaloo42 says:

I don't think it's hubris that their full of.

Cherie Ward says:

Thanks Greg for your great contribution to humanity! You fill a niche that no one else has been able to figure out. You are ingenious! Your new video lighting is great! It is amazing how lighting in videos can affect the way you look. I think your new lighting is perfect now!

Bryce DeBorde says:

Can someone explain to me, If the market crashes, paper becomes worthless, real assets are what you can put your hands on, why would buying gold mining stocks be worth anymore than, holding paper fiat? Also, if it's a global crash, most nations would nationalize energy and mining, especially if world war erupts. I would rather own the gold hands on, rather than own the paper gold mine shares.

Panda Bear says:

9/14/15Watching ALL the big wheels on the Economic wagon?.                                          1) Janet/Fed LEANING TOWARDS RAISING RATES ON THURSDAY?       2) Empire Manufacturing stuck in a downward rut:  The Philadelphia Fed is scheduled to release its own regional survey later this week.". 3) Oil continues to slip. 4) Futures aren't so rosy 5) Unemployment continues to be A TOTAL FABRICATED LIE BY THE GOVERNMENT. 6) Gold/Silver aren't really doing to  much at this juncture. 7) Large numbers of respected analysts predicting massive market crash8) Baltic Dry Index is tanking AGAIN – REALLY FAST. 9) Syria is about to get lit up. 10) US dealing with massive corruption all the way to the top, and them some!.

stopdemockery says:

To whom does the world owe this three hundred trillion dollars of fake debt? To the same banksters who have hijacked all the countries of their "free world." It's the same monsters that started all wars with lies for profit. They're the psychotic .001% who believe they are the descendants of the Annunaki, that We are the invading horde of rats and that their alien ancestors will come to save them from the Hell they've made of planet Earth while waging their eternal, secret War On All Humanity with every conceivable covert weapon.

den smith says:

Jim Rogers seems to love China.I never could understand that.Completely illogical to me.I suppose he is waiting for their depression to put them in a war.Mass refugees move into those empty towns.Mass drone movements throughout. Mass new material for hollywood. Looks rather interesting if you like movies.

den smith says:

There is another inflation. Taxes

Tim Mcgraw says:

Can we put away the Monopoly game and go back to real life?

Sergio Bucciarelli says:

Refugees with no place to live + brand new empty cities in China= Match made in heaven. No?

Ray Menendez says:

I have said the powers that be will not let this economy crush while Obama is in office, wait for 2016 and 1/2

Citizens Against Police Abuse (Leyito) says:

Jesús is coming soon

MrTommyboy9 says:

I keep looking for more and More of your Video's………can't get enough!  Thanks…

radray19 says:

If I could only have one YT channel to watch, it would have to be this one.  I learn something new every time I watch a new show…You Rock, Greg!

ExpatChef says:

Thanks Greg for another awesome insightful interview. I'm a U.S citizen and I've been living in mainland China for a few years. I've been silver stacking as I can here. Should I hold Chinese Yuan? Will yuan collapse with the dollar also?

Mark Comis says:

Excellent interview Greg. I like that he was willing to share his portfolio allocation which should tell us a lot……

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