Million Dollar Traders (Full Series 1 of 3)

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Learn personally from Lex Van Dam the creator of Million Dollar Traders at,

Million Dollar Traders, Episode 1: “Make Me a Trader”

The contestants are introduced to the trading floor and begin to build their portfolios.

Million Dollar Traders is a three part series that aired on the BBC about hedge fund manager Lex Van Dam who tries to teach ordinary people to become successful traders. The series is particularly interesting because none of the traders understand what they are doing, but they all trade as though they did and the results were terrifying, both financially and emotionally. Many great trading lessons here.

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Fegelein says:

how come they don't trade electronically?

Fegelein says:

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NO.1 Brit says:

i really liked this series. i live in London & are looking for a mentor in this Field to teach me Stocks & shares trading

bert vsrob says:

ethics guy looks like the starving dude in into the wild

S15151515S says:

CFD´s, Forex…

Michael J. Maher says:

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Clunesy Mate says:

Anyone know what programs are being used in the video?

Nikki Renee says:

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itraderTV says:

I have watched all but I don't get the aim of this project. Do they need new trader? Then why they need people who has never traded? moreover end of story no one stay to work for hedge fund manager.

Then what was the aim? Promotion of Bloomberg terminal or advertisement of hedge fund? or just a TV show, you know they put some group of people somewhere with many cameras and people watch it, all aim is entertainment as hollywood movies.
Then another useless but enjoyable program.

Talking every second about million dollar and let the trader trade with limited money between 9-65K pound, giving order by phones and focusing a few hundred pound losses or profits these are telling to me same it is just a tv show and as all tv shows there is no connection with reality because people are not interested in reality, that's why most of video on youtube about trading take million hits but they have nothing about reality. How you can make million dollar in a few days, how is life of forex millionaires, what is the sad story of floor traders.

But there is one good side of this serial, most of people have no idea how hard is trading, they have no idea about emotional part of this job and this TV show at least succesfull to show it.

Edit: I found the answer on another video by anton Kreil. First aim of this show was show to people trading is very hard job and another aim was showing to people that everybody can do that, I think that's why they chose people who have never had experience on trading.

Oldsoho says:

I've met many of the people on this programme. Simon Brew is a cocksucker, period. Mind you so is Anto Kriel.

Dat guy says:

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Mars fxmasters says:

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eliasnavytanga says:

Its just another way of gambling.

Sherrika Empire says:

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$1,500 to him. Dont let him decieve you1! Thanks

Gabi Kas says:

oh my, so mean 😀 ''One has shit brain another cryes for an hour ''. Its really interesting

Sergej82HH says:

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soeherman effendy says:

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Samir Jomhur says:

Guys, could you please help me here. I watched until min 14:00 then I decided to type this comment. Why do I find it hard to trust anything that we watch on Media? In this program for instance, there's the man who's investing $1 m, and he hired another "27 years old retired investor, a millionaire". Why would this last man want to take orders, get instructed and work UNDER another man although he's a millionaire and more importantly he's retired? Why as soon as i watched until the min 14 (till the 2nd man received the phone call from the boss) i felt like this program is unreal / cooked and it's just for entertaining and making people blind!? Is there anybody here who shares the same feeling?

StevenKger says:

Just FYI: This trader series is a huge pile of BS. It's not even partially accurate.

wong z says:

I thought such positions should have strong quantitative backgrounds, in Phd or Mphil. e,g statistics &mathematics

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