Millionaire Gold Trader Interview: Andy Man

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Close – Millionaire gold trader Andy Man shares his trading experience. He talks about how he got started, some of the challenges he went through, and what was key for him to achieve his great success. Andy also gives his suggestions on how young traders can become good traders.

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Oil Trader says:

Started trading with $1,600 highly unlikely, Most USA brokers usually have a min. to open a live account at $2,500+ The SI (Silver)  contract requires at min. $3500 to the norm of $5,000 USD each for intraday and $7,800 for overnight.  Gold is usually one contract $1500 for intraday and $4,000 each for overnight margin.

Even if he traded $1,600 USD to 1,000,000 yen, ($7,960 USD) that still would be impressive.

pie505 says:

1600/1000000 that's huge risks associated with that type of trading, that's extreme high probabilitie trading in my opinion,

I'm..curios to know if he still trades with that amount of risk 

Joel Parizi says:

this is the most noneducational interview on trading I've seen. use stop loss, make sure trading is right for you.. thats the strategy?.. if you want to become a successful chess player, know how to move the knight. you can jump over enemy pieces.. make sure you don't have it captured. oh ok cool thanks

William Lofton says:

AWESOME interview! Andy Man just gave away all the ingredients for successful trading! What he stated is all anyone needs to make as much money as they'd like. I hope some of these viewers absorbed what he said. You can't put a price on the advice. What takes people years and thousands ( sometimes millions ) of dollars to learn is right here. Thanks for sharing this. Shows the old adage is true " The best advice is always free!" :D


Andy's success is not a world record but still a very amazing return. It took him 5 months to reach over a million in profits. A truly inspiring story to show you that anyone with the right tools and determination can succeed as a trader. Much success to all of you!

jayangli says:

you said we can trade in China, are you sure you can have access to your accounts there?

jayangli says:

hi, you started off with 1600, how long it take to make over a million, cos that could be a new world record!

Titan says:

Great video guys! Have you ever traded options? And if so, how do you like it or why not?

AavverageJoe says:

Well done, Andy Man!

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