Millionaire Habits You Should Be Doing Now – Habit #4

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Millionaire Habits You Should Be Doing Now:
Millionaire Habit #4: Better Skills = More Money.

Today, we are going to talk about the ONE thing you can do to make more money every year.

This is Part 4 of our series “Millionaire Habits 2019”


Markus Heitkoetter
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Known for being able to teach anyone to trade in 60 minutes or less, Markus Heitkotter with Rockwell Trading has taught over 360,000 traders worldwide and has appeared on CBS, FOX, NBC, ABC and more. Markus is on a mission to prove how simple trading really is so that you too can travel the world and live the lifestyle you always dreamed about.

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sonny corbi says:

Markus, did I hear you say, in essence, it’s better to start swing trading options then to day trade? (I thought I caught that in one of your tutorials) –

sonny corbi says:

I’m assuming Markus you have a mentoring program – can you give me the details please?

sxavier77 says:

Can you suggest a real estate mentor please. There are so many out there and they are all busy selling courses.

Eric Servance says:

Hey Markus. Thanks for the info. And thanks to your software I now have a new skill that I'm excited to have and I'm sure will help me reach my financial goals.

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