Minecraft Pixelmon Gold #80 ‘Trading Bunnies’

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Server IP: pixelmon.choochoosmc.com
Minecraft channel that’s child friendly.Choo Choo here and I am Irish Youtuber and your watching a unreal video.Kids Get them headsets away from those ear drums.
HOW TO JOIN in 5 easy Steps: –
● #1 Watch this Video tutorial: http://bit.ly/1JXXcKT
● #2 Download The Technic Launcher by clicking this link: –
o http://www.technicpack.net/download
● #3 Once downloaded, Open the Technic Launcher :-
o Go to ‘Add Modpack’ and Copy + Paste this link:-
o http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/choochoosmc-pixelmon.467467
● #4 Let it download all the ‘Mods’ and then hit play, this starts Minecraft and the server IP will already be there!
● #5 Go catch ’em’ all!
●Merch stores!
USA: http://choochoosgaming.spreadshirt.com/
UK: http://choochoosgaminguk.spreadshirt….
IRL: http://choochoosgaming.spreadshirt.ie/
●Twitch Live Stream : http://tinyurl.com/ChooLIVE
● Minecraft Server : play.choochoosmc.com
● Minecraft pixelmon Server : pixelmon.choochoosmc.com
● Twitter : http://tinyurl.com/ChooTWEET
● Instagram : http://tinyurl.com/ChooPICS
● Facebook : http://tinyurl.com/ChooBOOK
● Skins Download : http://tinyurl.com/ChooSKINS
● This amazing Server IP : pixelmon.choochoosmc.com
‘Powered by chillblast’ www.chillblast.com
Thanks for watching,you unreal cray cray Ratings, favourites, and general feedback is always appreciated 🙂


Feirceraven says:

3:35 Yes, please do a series of ARK:survival evolved. I watched a bunch of episodes of SL1pg8r playing that game.

Leonard Beo says:

and plz give me a shout out plz plz plz….

Leonard Beo says:

And all of the making vid i love them too but the most that i love is u stampy ,squid,and ssundee

Leonard Beo says:

plz if i have a computer i want to play minecraft with you stampy squid and ssundee that's my wish to my birthday at nov 29 2015 and if i have a computer i will tell u becuase i love playing with you guys plz if u don't do it that's orit but i will be sad if u don't do that so plz plz plz :(

Anthony 8851 says:

Why did you forget Tay is a bunny too .

master sabretooth turtle says:

do a ark series plz and it's me superhero069

savanna Gilliland says:

Choochoosgaming I have a friend with cancer

TheJJGaming says:

And chibiddy choochoo Mabie you can check out my channel (thejjgaming)

TheJJGaming says:

Do ark it would be UNREAL

Oliver Slama says:

Yes do ark survival evolved with squid 

WelchGaming says:


WelchGaming says:

Choo I Have A Lvl62 Charizaird My IGN Is OWNAGE_100 You Can Have It For A Bad Pokemon if you want it

Josh Ramsey says:

excuse me but I really need help building a house on your server I cant find anywhere thats not been taken so can you help???                                    minecraft username:dragonslave121

Braden Tu says:

do ARK can't wait

Raspberry says:

I can't play on choos gold pixelmon server, so could you maybe bring out a new server?


Blake Balderas says:

Do ark plz

Cameron Savage (Steakyboy411) says:

Do ARK for the sake of shpuds

Jose Soto says:

+ChooChoosGaming I can join it says server down for maintenance Plz Help me


Yes ark

Ryan Ward says:

What's Your Routine I would like to know so i can log on and say hi 

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