Modern Earnings Gap Trading Strategy ✂️

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Modern earnings gap strategy. PLEASE LIKE AND SHARE THIS VIDEO SO WE CAN DO MORE! In this strategy we are looking to follow the gap after an earnings surprise announcement. With the market dynamics rapidly changing in today’s environment and I believe a lot more surprise earnings announcements are going to lead to even bigger gaps; I think it is time to refine and adjust the strategy when trading gaps (particularly the USA markets). Say, earnings come out and they are significantly better or worse than expected and because of that from the close to the next day open there is a big gap in price (to the upside or downside)

1) Large gap – surprise earnings (you want more than a 5% gap, has to be 7% and up). We are looking to follow the gap.
2) Gap outside of range; say new yearly highs or lows. We need money flow here…
3) Pre-market trend
4) Potential longer term reversal.

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Doing immortal work…..plz carry on Mark,it will gonna help million traders like me in future

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Thanks for your information and making these vids??

ahappyimago says:

I really like how you explain the psychology behind the moves

Lucky Seven says:

By watching your videos (hundreds of them) I have learned so much and my trading has seen so much improvement that it is unbelievable. Before I started watching your videos I didnt even have a plan or a strategy, I thought I was going to get rich quick. Your videos have helped me so much, I'm forever thankful.

Lucky Seven says:

Great video as always Mark. Thanks

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