More Live Trading: Profiting 11% On My Overnight Short

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GREAT overnight short as my students and I BANKED shorting SORL while I cut losses fast on a failed morning spike SKLN, overall profits of $1,183 for me the past 2 days between SORL/SKLN live trades, bigger gains than losses, that’s the key to success ALWAYS


Kris Danielson says:

That's 20 safety's

Kris Danielson says:

Lol starting laughing at safety safety safety safety, I also laugh when your like smack yourself in the face 40 times lol

Buzz Lightbeer says:

What software are you using to view the live feeds?

Andrei-Marian Pop says:

Good exemple!

Tips wontjumpship says:

lol this nigga

shalvin prakash says:

I thought the video was skipping when you were saying safety! Lol. Anyways great demonstration.

chance knox says:

Pure safety

Noe Rodriguez says:

"Safety safety safety" lol u da man Tim!

Caleb DeMoss says:

Another great video! cough safety cough

carlos torres says:


BandR says:

Hahahahaha safety

Kyle Snyder says:

Hey tim im a newbie to this stuff, could you let us know what apps you use to make this all as simple as possible? Any help is appreciated thanks

Joshua Ventura says:

I'm new and I've been watching your videos but this live trades are better !!!

Hugh Pruitt says:

i shorted skln at .14 before the .20 spike thinking earning winner. entered the trade way to soon and bought midday. leason learned wait before entering and buy in premarket instead of mid day. Really just enter way to soon and earning winner don't all ways play out like and will read thru sec filings more closely. Excellence video.

mustaf Alih212 says:

you are super fast. i couldn't keep my eyes on your mouse arrow.

mustaf Alih212 says:

LOL Tim still groaning($SKLN) even after million dollars still same old Tim.

A Leph says:

Fantastic video of live morning trade…..reminds me of Ray Dalio…radical truth and radical transparency. Keep on keeping on. Thanks for sharing.

Cesare Causin says:

hey tim where do I sign up to your program

Cesare Causin says:

hey tim where do I sign up to your program

DJ Joune says:

safety safety safety lol you damn right

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