More than 70% of economists and fund managers blame tariffs for market sell-off

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CNBC senior economics reporter Steve Liesman breaks down his survey on what investors think is contributing most to the market sell-off.

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Ivy Li says:

Recession caused by tariffs are self-inflicted injuries. Searching the real answers to post QE economy, Trump took the wrong advice. Truce of trade war is a good move. Only global economy gets moving, the world could come out of QE addiction.

sajid hossain says:

Fox news says china is falling but unfortunately america is rather falling… Very bad media.

ba sook says:

why Feds tell congress that tariffs are the big problem

Defy Convention says:

Are we so short sighted that we don't see any deal being made with China ever? Perhaps sending the market up up and away? No that's not possible, Trump's only prerogative is to destroy the country.

riva2003 says:

Are they tried of winning? I guess so.

G A says:

Nobody is asking how much Trump's group has made from the insider news.

Sigmundy Freud says:

Lies and ENGENERING of consent by the propaganda ! Big Whales who control all the market has pumped MARKET since 2012, 2017 was a crazy YEAR with crazy market caps, the party was ending when FED stop QE and decided to hike rates and normalize the situation BUT MARKET is an addict , less liquidity and all can happen , First Big whales after 2017 PUMPING year they decided 2018 dumping YEAR !!!!! And the economic war was in front us, USA can t let China becoming 1st GDP of the world, Dollar Worldwide reference currency is in the center !

Anony mous says:

Save face…my ass! If they hike and the economy and stock market gets another big hickup, Trump can stand there and say he has been right. Is that saving face? Saving face is when you do the right thing, no matter what anyone wants.

TradeFeedz says:

Nobody is blaming national debt and federal reserve? Weird survey


Trump gave us 8,000 points on the up side we gave back 2,000 points fund managers need a fall guy for their bad performance – I was up 30% gave back 10% up 20% I so happy 2019 will be another great year

Robert Evans says:

The other 29% blame Dotard Trump.

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