More Today in Bitcoin (2017-09-16) – More China Leaked Docs – Is JPM Buying Bitcoin? – Price

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China’s three largest bitcoin exchanges will all stop offering local trading | TechCrunch

Don’t let the bankers fool you: bitcoin is here to stay | Dominic Frisby | Opinion | The Guardian

Leaked Chinese Translation on Gov’t Plans

JPM Buying Bitcoin is Fake News

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Crypto Win says:

Good video. Now I make money on primedice 0.02 per day.Uploaded the video to your channel.anyone interested come on in.

Harry says:

The Chinese are trying to replace the petro dollar and allow global oil buying with a gold backed Yuan. This is a game changer and why China is trying to protect it's currency leaving its shores via Bitcoin. Talk about that Tone … Please

Joel Aigner says:

Much love and gratitude.

Geek Sauce says:

More tone and Jimmy please! Love the length of the video.


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Harry says:

Tone said we would never go below 4000 and then 3000 … he speculates like the rest of us.

Dave ster says:

Is it right time to buy btc ? Or it will continue to go down,

Tony Smith says:

Richard nailed it on price.

SlayerX says:

If China is worried over this tiny market then china is in bigger trouble than we can imagine.

patrick cowan says:

Don't forget Tracy, intelligent, beautiful and keeps max from going to the

jimmy chia says:

The document is from 2015.

Chip Fernandez says:

JPM isn't buying….but their employees will [privately] do it now.

Dan Bolser says:

Did tone wake Jimmy? He seemed pissed!

N8DZN says:

New to mining

I got a question for you guys

I was thinking of getting the antminer d3

And I check whattomine like a week ago or two

And the it said I would make 150 a day

Now it's at 110

Is it because people are buying the antminer
Or because the Bitcoin price is going down

Jonathan Steel says:

Richard Heart is brilliant,I wish somebody would gag Tone Vays,he has the most irritating voice,ever and never shuts the fuck up.

Crypto BR says:

Guys its simple, we need to get rid of the effect that the Chinese Government has on price every time they start screaming things around. That way, we can get our ETF approval. BTC 13k by FEB. Trading volume will be better distributed around the world. Obviously , we will have some heavyweight countries , but the Chinese influence on the price is too big. We need to rebalance that.

Crzces says:

They destroyed the economy and banking on their own. Trump does have the opportunity to appoint 4 new members in the FED and appoint a chairperson in about 3 months. This will be the first time since 1963 this opportunity was Their for a president. Unfortunately JFK was killed before he could appoint anyone.

Before that we have to go back to 1913 when the FED was established. So he has the chance to make changes no President has ever had since the FED's inception.

In the short-term btc and other crypto could help save fiat currency, and the longer the Chinese ban, the better. In the long term btc could switch to a near universal currency, where fiat can still exist, but our politicians won't be controlled by central bankers anymore. Idk, but I am not worried about cryptocurrency at all.

Anything short of martial law and it's just going to keep growing.

Bruno AP81 says:

So, Tone…

What about that regulation thing now!? Once you let the Government do whatever you want (like, banninig ICOs), you have to dance according to its tune. What about now, when maybe chinese ban bitcoin?!
You didn't like that right? Right… (neither did ico investors earlier)

OVO MAT says:


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