Morning Gap Trade Nails Another Low…

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Gap trading is the most consistent and profitable day trading or scalp trading strategy found in the markets today.

You can learn how to trade the gaps properly by understanding the math behind what makes stocks have a price reaction in the other direction.

There are morning gap trades and gap fill trades. Both these gap trading strategies are extremely profitable and produce consistent profits for those traders with the desire to learn and the discipline to trade the right way.


John Kobach says:

Thanks for the analysis of the losing trade. It would be great if you could include more of those and not just the winners. I learned a lot from this video.

Bengely Frangi says:

תודה רבה

Andrew Conte says:

Love the trading the morning gaps.

Rxlyz Cxlyz says:

Great video mr Frost my birthday can’t get here fast enough. Thinking of going both courses I really like that you showed the papa johns one I like seeing one that didn’t work. Most teachers or ppl in this industry would never show a losing trade like they make money 100 pct of the time 😂

Buddy Piper says:

reaching resistance. time to short soon

Ricky Mahajan says:

Great video! I'm considering to strart with your alerts again. This is one of the few times, I have actually heard you talking about what went wrong, and it's a real good teacher!

Jimmy Russell says:

Would you mind to take a look at BAC for me and give me your thoughts on the probable fill of the gap at 31.49–.68 ish. I would greatly appreciate it. I currently have a may 11 31c option active.
Thanks in advance,
Jimmy Russell.

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