Morning Market Prep | Stock & Options Trading | 12-28-18

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Morning Market Prep | Stock and Option Trading
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Morning Market Prep is and unbiased evaluation of the major stock market indexes to help stock and option traders prepare for the day ahead. As retail stock and options traders its easy to get caught up in the rush of the day and miss key price action clues that could negatively affect your trading results.

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Having been in the business of trading for more than 25 years I know how difficult it can be to find quality unbiased analysis of the market. I have a passion for stock trading and options trading. The free morning market prep was born from the idea of paying it forward and helping traders to achieve success.

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Lyndon Johnson says:

Great info for trading……Doug definitely knows his stuff!

Ken Koh says:

Thank you and Happy New Year.

Bianca Pratorius says:

Thank you, Doug. Nice to see this incredible rally. Hopefully, it's not too short lived. 🙂

Aaron Burt says:

Thanks Doug. No power, no internet, no Alexa, no Netflix…that must've been

James Duffy says:

Sorry about the blizzard. I hope it does not interfere too much with your weekend plans. Thanks for another good analysis.

Valerie C says:

Thanks Doug! Glad your back! See you in the trading room.

Alan Helmstetter says:

Welcome back Doug, glad you got your power back!

George Sargent says:

Hi Doug, Welcome back to the world with electrical power. We missed you yesterday with both your morning report and your presence in your RWO trading room. With the video this morning it seems like you weathered the blizzard in good shape. I hope so. I'll catch ya in the trading room today.

Senior Crespo says:

Thanks Doug. Have a nice last trading day of the year, and have a great new year 🙂

Eric Michael says:

My lovely Christmas Eve profits have definitely taken a haircut! I have to joke so the pain doesn’t take hold ?

Just kidding, this action has been hilarious. Especially 230 PM EST yesterday.

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