Morning Market Prep | Stock & Options Trading | 6-21-18

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prasad vattikuti says:

happy birthday

Randy says:

Love the daily consistency of you & this channel. Enjoy your day off tmrw.

James Duffy says:

Happy Birthday tomorrow! Enjoy the long weekend.

As for the market, I think our politicians, with the help of our liberal leaning media, are doing us an enormous disservice with all these manufactured controversies, which is greatly increasing uncertainty. Schumer and many other Democrats were screaming about separating families and claiming that Trump could solve the problem "with a stroke of the pen" if he wished to do so. Schumer blatantly called Trump a liar for saying only Congressional action could solve the problem. Well, Trump did sign a temporary order, which the Democrats claimed to be an enormous victory for them, but it now appears the order is only good for 20 days and, as our liberal media is now saying, that Congressional action is still needed, but they are still blaming Trump and not Congress even though Congress is the only way to get this solved. So, who was the liar, Trump or Schumer? In any case, the market has suffered unnecessarily so that one side can make the other side look bad. It reminds one of the old joke that the opposite of pro is con and the opposite of progress is Congress.

Also, as concerns the tariff situation and the need for change in how we allow other countries to sell into the US, the IWM, the Qs, and the SPY are showing us that the only real impact of Trump's plans is largely confined to a handful of companies in the Dow, and not even all of the 30 Dow companies as some would clearly benefit. We need to get the politics out of the market and follow views such as those you espouse. With an unbiased opinion based on price action, one has to conclude that things are running reasonably well. And, I am sure, things could run a lot better if our politicians got down to the serious business of governing, and our media would simply report the news instead of trying sensationalize events for what ever reasons and motives they might have whether it is because they hate Trump or want to get more advertising revenues or both.

My Mama Says LIBS ARE THE DEVIL! says:

Happy Birthday

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