Most profitable and simple crude oil intraday strategy

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Very profitable strategy to earn a consistent profit by trading intraday crude oil.


Raja N says:

Dear Vinesh,
I have a doubt. If we go for a buy, you say that we should take a position only after it is confirmed by the subsequent candle by breaking the high of the primary candle. In case, if the subsequent candle fails to break its previous high and if it is done by the 3rd or 4th upcoming candle, can we go for a buy at that point and keep the low of the primary candle as stop loss.

vasanthi harikumar says:

I would like to get some practice on buy and sell techniques.. can u post some live videos

vasanthi harikumar says:

I learning about commodity . How do i get the Psar representation in my chart?

Samir Mohanty says:

Can we keep default SAR value or we have to modify the same.

Samir Mohanty says:

Thanks for your valuable reply

Samir Mohanty says:

Really this is very good strategy Thanks a lot, What will be the SAR value and Can we use this strategy without SAR only applying candle pattern

Samir Mohanty says:

Will this strategy work in Nifty & BankNifty

Rakesh Solanki says:

Vineshji, Very Good Start. Regards.

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