Mother of all short-covering rallies for bond market: David Rosenberg

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David Rosenberg of Gluskin Sheff and Jim Paulsen of The Leuthold Group join CNBC’s “Closing Bell” to discuss the day’s market sell-off.


K Kennington says:

Jim Paulsen talks about the lag time of policy being about 9 months like that's a good thing now. 9 months ago was the last rate hike! That hasn't really hit the market yet.

Patrick W says:

Been following David for some time now….spot on!!

Jay M says:

Let people print money out the wazoo.

J HPW says:

Never been a big D Rosenberg fan, but must say he may be right at this moment.

Don Pablo says:

SP500 will definitely retouch the 2018 Q4 low.
It's 1998 again.

I AM The Russian Troll says:

It's alarming how many people still have faith in this corrupt ponzi scheme. Hurry up and implode, this kicking the can down the road keeping a failed paper money system afloat is killing my neighbors. Oh I know, you Boomers are about to retire and wanna cash out at the top. Well what happens after is my future and Im sick of waiting!!

svtrader says:

David Rosenberg is spot on.

Terry Kane says:

Trump will manipulate the markets no matter how much it hurts folks or companies or exchanges as long as racist moron ich bin ein truen nazi mein feuhrer thinks he can get reelected.

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