Movie3Some: Episode 31 – Robert Hoffman

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Actor, dancer, and choreographer Robert Hoffman swings by Movie3Some to chat with Tiffany and Kristian about his YouTube prank videos, freebooting, and to feed this week’s box office loser a toothpaste sandwich. Minty! *WARNING: You should not eat toothpaste sandwiches.



Lee Hughes Hughes says:

I think the step up movies are cheesey I'm more stomp the yard but this guy got moves tho for real . And I love dead pool fcking hilarious

Video Invader says:

Is that Tim Robbins son?

Hendo9 says:

#losershould read mean tweets about themselves.

Jack Fern says:

finally a punishment

ocularnervosa says:

Next week's loser should cross dress.

Mojammer says:

Tiffany's teeth are all bright and sparkly now

pirtire says:

#losershould walk around all of the seats for the whole episode

jonnyb45 says:

Since this week's wager is on the movie Race #losershould run 5 laps on a althelete track in flippers

Yusuf says:

#losershould eat a spoonful of mayonnaise

Jack Cull says:

#losershould wear a stormtrooper uniform for the rest of the show

Kris W says:

Sooooo much disappoint, Christian. I thought you would've gone a lot closer to the $100 million mark for Deadpool… SMH

Angel Saenz says:

I have no idea why this show gets so little views

pyroblast3000 says:

Ok, first of all why was the look at 3:33 so scary? #losershould brush their teeth with mustard.

Allison Grindstaff says:

#losershould they should have two tubs one tub should have tomato juice and tub two maynnaise

J.J. Omar 21 says:

#LoserShould have a little girl beat them with a lightsaber

jonnyb45 says:

#losershould do a extremely hard obstacle course in a jar jar binks costume

jonnyb45 says:

#losershould get dunked in a water dunking machine

LupeJustinian says:

Kristian's son was a great guest!

susana zepeda says:

LOVE the dance moves Tiff!!

Ashley Musovic says:

#losershould eat a century egg

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