Mti’s Ultimate Market Scanner (Scammer) 4.28.15

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Mti’s Ultimate Market Scanner
My opinion based on my trial on the scaner and other experience with mti such as never being able to talk to a live body when you call always a voicemail–Boiler shop operation


cobar53 says:

Thank you for such a reasonable review

Kevin Wolfe says:

The scanner is a tool so if you are just relying on the scanner to make your trades than you are looking at it all wrong. You first scan then you have to do your technical analysis. They have been around for over 21 years and has helped me. Put the scanner aside and go through the education and then maybe you can use the scanner more effectually.


Hello guys , am not here to defend MTI nor am l paid to defend them, l actually did a course with them it was great, though l could not finish it for lack of fund then cos l had challenge with my school stuff and job at the time, so l opted out, till am able to raise the balance of the money, though MTI gave me scholarship then reducing the fees by half, but l still could not come up with half that amount due to my financial situation then, the trend scanner is good, a great tool " IF YOU KNOW HOW TO USE IT", a lot of people fail to understand how to use a tool simply because they lack market knowledge and proper education of how the tools work , its one thing to have the tutorials on it and another thing for you to test drive the tools based on your trading styles and personality. if a scanner shows buy opportunity, its simply a collection of market datas calculated by the algorithm of the scanner and gives possible buy opportunity, that don,t mean you jump in blindly and buy, you must have a criteria for buying, cos if there is no price set up that shows that the buy opportunity can be taken now, why take the trade, simply wait for market to show the buy opportunity that the scanner is alerting before you jump in, again, l must say this sometimes a buying or selling opportunity in lower Time frame may be near expiration when you saw it and you still take it, that is unwise decision, you don,t buy at resistance and you don,t sell at support until this levels are broken and retested,do not forget also that we have what is called "market trend" and "market condition", trend scanner identifies the trend , you have to find out manually check if the trend is in line with the market condition, quite well a market might be trending, but its condition at a certain time could be different, i.e , in a bullish market, you can see bearish move especially if the market hits a strong resistance level, then price retrace to correct itself or pause before resuming the trend, that does not mean the trend  scanner is wrong, it only showed you the general condition of the market, with your market education understanding you pinpoint the market condition and know when to pull the trigger in line with MTI trend scanner alert, its that simple, so do not spread false alarm when there is a loop hole in your own strategy

richie m says:

Did u contact a attorney….

John Kunkel says:

I've been using the MTI Market Scanner for a month and a half to this point. At first, I made some money; however, the last two weeks in June and first 9 days of July, 2015, I have lost over $3,000.00 dollars using their signals. My account executive at Market Traders Institute has opened a case concerning my complaint and I'm waiting to see if I'm refunded the $1000.00 I paid for access to the program. Today alone, five trades closed with a loss of 68.1 pips. I have three trades still open and, at this point, I'm down 58.7 pips. If the trades, that are still open, close as negative trades, I'll have 7 loses and 1 winner today. So much for the 80+% win rate they brag about.

Market Traders Institute says:

Hello Pat, 

Thank you for your review of The Ultimate Market Scanner and for attending so many of our free webinars. We take all feedback seriously and would like to firstly make things right by you and secondly learn more about your experience so that we can improve for the 2,000 members we have on this service. 

It is true that depending on the scan, the software's back-testing can yield 100% winning averages, but we would never advertise this as we know that this is a very rare case and that even the best traders endure losing trades.

From what I'm hearing, the scans did work and you did receive email updates on the scans, but the suggested trades from the signals did not come with close out alerts. Is that correct?

At this time, the software does not offer position exit alerts. We are firm believers in using the signals as a starting point for your technical analysis and are designed to point the trader at potential setups where they can determine proper limits, stops and exits based upon their personal trading accounts, risk tolerance and trading personalities. 

As far as older signals disappearing from the top of the scan, we have not heard about this issue before. Would you be able to offer more information so that we can investigate further? We'd like to make sure that this is not happening for our customers. My direct line is 407-585-0132 ext. 283.

While we are a family-owned company of traders, we have more than 123 staff members here to serve our students. With this said, we do not believe in having call centers as we'd prefer our students to get help from actual traders who understand the products and the market. If you're calling outside of office hours, you would more than likely receive our helpline voicemail which we check daily to return phone calls (that is if you're not using the chat function within your education portal). Were you able to leave a message? If you don't mind giving me a call, I'd like to pull up your call records to look into this in more depth.

I understand that this product did not serve your needs and for that, we do apologize. While you're out of your money-back guarantee at this time, I'd like to personally extend it as a thank you for the feedback. To protect your privacy, I'd like to set up your receipt of these funds over the phone as opposed to this forum. If you could, please call 407-585-0132 ext. 283.

Again, thanks for the feedback Pat and we'd like to make things right by you. 


Ben D.
Market Traders Institute, Inc.

yasi dulnuan says:

thanks for this review! nearly bought one today!

said baidane says:

thankyou barry  for your help

RAFE Alexa says:

You know in trading you need consistency. If it is always wrong than trade the other way. Don't you think? I agree with you these guys are just trying to sell to get their commissions.

brockwaykid says:

Thanks for the info pf. I've been wondering about these guys myself. And now I know.
Thanks a bunch

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