Multibagger Stocks Below 20 – Best two Penny stock picks for 2017-2018 India – जो देगा बम्पर returns

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In this video I have discussed, Two best top penny stocks to buy now for 2017 – 2018 and best two – Multibagger stocks – below Rs 20 – Penny stocks – Diwali picks for 2018 – for long term investment India for Diwali to Diwali and hold till 2018 end, Which can gives you a bumper gains.. In this video I also point out the technical and fundamental analysis for novice and smart traders. In general I mentions a clear view of the trend of multibagger stocks, so you can make clear trading decisions based on that analysis. Please read disclaimers before taking any recommendations advice given in this videos. Thanks

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Gopal Kumar says:

Hello, currently IVC trading at PE of 80 and as per your analyse it will reach 70 to 80 Rs. Do u think by the coming time PE will come down. Please advise. Thanks


I bought 10000 cebbco what to do now?


Sir CEBBCO 17.9 good rec i bought 5000 at 11 superb

Rahul S says:

Cebbco is a dangerous stock. Beware!


Sir IVC 31 superb


Both script up.. Ivc 25 cebbco 15 superb call sir

RafatTech says:

Sir please dont post worthless stocks . Thousands of members seeing your channel becareful and study well then post videos. Already in "cebbco " Promoters have pledged 99.72% of their holding.

Chandan Singh says:

Both fundamentals and techinal are weak. Then how it will b a multibagger?

nilesh naik says:

thanks for support

Tejas Raval says:

Pincon Spirit Can I accumulate at this Level Of Rs.50

Nikhil Vora says:

Both stocks shot up, good.

Suraj Jethwani says:

CEEBCO is a classic case of glorified fraud perpetuated by Ajay Gupta. All brokerages had painted a rosy picture and came out with one strong reco after another. The company made huge losses. If you see the price history you will realize this is a scam.

nilesh naik says:

what is the defination of more confirm above !

harshil patel says:

Please use good colour combination. It's hardly visible plain black and white colour would be good.

Saras Choudhary says:

bhai logon ko bewakoof mat bna. pls do your own research before investing ur hard earned money.

Ponnambalam T says:

These two stocks are useless…. not worth for single rupee…. promoters has already pledged all their holdings… beware….. Its a multi looser stock…. who invest on these will loose all their money and their mental strength once the pledged financial institution start selling it…. beware … in market lot of good and growth stocks available…. This video uploaded doest have a basic investment idea……


hi pramoter ke sare pledge hai ye stock kaise achche ho sakte hai high risky stock say no

Rajkumar Bilwal says:

Brilliant sir


Nice script ..

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